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5 Pros and 5 Cons of Keto Diet You Need to Know


We’re definitely in an age of fat dieting, and Keto is no exception. Keto or ketogenic diets, used by the Kylies and J-los of the world, are an ultra low carb diet that only allows 5-10% of dietary intake to come from carbohydrates. Most of the energy comes from fat, with the remaining 20% going to protein. This causes the body to go into ketosis, breaking down fat as energy instead of carbs.



1. Pro: it’s a fast journey to weight loss. If you’re in a situation where you need to shed some lbs in a short time frame, this diet can be an encouraging decision. Results come fast and motivate you to stay on track.



2. Pro: Dieters experience heightened energy. Looking to increase your stamina for your daily run? Apparently, low carb intake stops blood sugar from spiking, so steady energy is the results.


3. Pro: It’s a natural appetite suppressant. The high fat content makes your carbo cravings super minimal, which means no hunger pangs.



4. Pro: It lowers cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Studies have proven that low protein diets can help people live longer as well as lower heart disease in adults age 65 and younger.


5. Pro: Sharpened mental clarity. Keto diet lovers claim that their brain fog clears when they commit to this diet, resulting in heightened focus and concentration. Procrastinators will love this!




6. Con: The sluggish, adaptive phase. Very low carb diets cause flu like symptoms, cramps, headaches, and cravings during the first couple of weeks, which doesn’t sound like the healthiest option.


7. Con: It is very restrictive on certain food groups, especially for sweet lovers. If you can’t ban junk food and all types of sugars, this diet will be very frustrating. It even limits fruits due to high fructose!


8. Con: Can cause users to resort to not so healthy fats. Drenching your salad in ranch dressing or putting half a stick of butter in your coffee can backfire. High fat doesn’t mean high saturated animal fats, and most don’t purchase all organic.



9. Con: It may be difficult to sustain long term weight loss. They say that dieting is a shortcut way to a healthy lifestyle, and the keto diet is a good example of that. It’s just too hard to adhere to long term, unless you’re a monk.


10. Con: It’s more of a medical diet than an everyday or fitness lifestyle one. The ketogenic diet is recommended by doctors for clients with Parkinson’s, diabetes, and even epilepsy. However, for those deep in the fitness world, the lack of carbs means no fuel for muscle glycogen.