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6 Places Art and Design Lovers Should Visit in 2019


If you love art and design, there’s a big chance you love to travel as well. All over the world, there are cities known for their cultural and artistic wealth. Those same cities are usually home to some of the most beautiful architecture and design. From modern or contemporary art, to ancient and iconic style and design, these cities take an art and design lover’s dreams come true. So no matter what corner of the world you reside in, there are distant cities across the globe that offer the chance to travel and see something new and inspiring in art and design. If you are planning to make your next trip one to see new sites and cultures, check out these 6 places art and design lovers should visit in 2019.

Brisbane, Australia

While many prefer Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is a cultural and artistic gem in Australia. There are several fine art exhibitions and museums, such as the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. There is also recent focus placed on investment in to the city’s hotel industry, with the opening of the W Brisbane – as well as a $140 million dollar development to bring hotels and restaurants to long abandoned spaces under Story Bridge.

Nairobi, Kenya

A getaway to beautiful East Africa is now more convenient than ever, as Kenya Airways recently launched its very first direct flight from New York City to Nairobi. And the trip is well worth it, for a city bursting with authentic cultural finds – such as bead workshop Kazuri, which showcases handmade jewelry and ceramic art from over 300 local women. It is also home to OneFortyEight Giraffe Sanctuary, a former art studio turned hotel, with the original owner’s art still adorning the walls. Design lovers can also check out Designing Africa Collective, offering apparel and goods from global artists.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, capital of Finland, is already regarded as a foremost city for art and design. With the opening of Hotel St. George, the city’s reputation for art and design is only getting stronger. The property is housed in a 19th century building and is home to more than 400 art pieces. The city’s central library Oodi is breathtakingly designed as a cloudlike structure, a masterpiece that will leave you awestruck from viewing the intricate inner and outer design.


Houston, USA

Houston, Texas has always had a reputation for its coastal and cultural abundance, and has worked hard to preserve that status in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s $125 billion dollars worth of inflicted damage. The Texas capital city has made significant progress in recovery and offers many local artistic offerings, including newly expanded Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and recently opened Menil Drawing Institute. It is also home to several luxury buildings like 10-acre hotel Post Oak.

Toronto, Canada

Known as one of Canada’s most culturally diverse and rich cities for some time now, Toronto is continuing to increase its artistic contributions. The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada reopened after a $13 relocation and expansion project. The public spaces of Toronto are a beauty peruse, with Winter Stations showcasing art at the beaches of Lake Ontario, and Nuit Blanch Toronto, an all-day arts festival that takes over the city.

Berlin, Germany

Best part about Berlin is that there is wall to wall art in every part of the city. Art lovers can take a stroll down almost any street and admire street art that could quite possibly been completed the night before. The urban landscape of Berlin is most admired because artists are constantly reinventing and reimagining public spaces with new art daily.