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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco


Morocco is such a unique mix of experiences that it’s a perfect destination for every traveler. There are medinas and souks to shop till you drop. There is beautiful architecture that mixes Arab, French, Spanish and Portuguese styles. The country has breathtaking mosques and monuments to offer. The food is incredible, the culture is fascinating and there are cats almost everywhere. If you need more reasons just keep reading.

1. Marrakech

When you first hear Morocco you probably think of Marrakech and there’s a good reason for that. It’s a city that never sleeps, it’s basically the Moroccan version of New York. There are beautiful ancient palaces like Badi Palace and Bahia Palace that will impress you with their architecture, the striking Koutoubia Mosque will blow up your Instagram, the energetic Djemaa el-Fna will overwhelm your senses, and the Saadian Tombs are definitely worth a visit. There’s always something going on, you’ll never be bored here and the amount of shopping you can do in medinas and souks here is insane.

Marrakech | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

2. Casablanca

If you’ve seen the movie Casablanca – that’s already reason enough to visit Morocco. It hardly matters that the movie was all shot at Warner Bro’s Studios, you want to visit the original place that is meant to be the backdrop for that film. Not to mention that real-life Casablanca is way more interesting and beautiful looking than what they built for the movie. This city has a very unique mix of modern contemporary architecture and a typically French feel to it at the same time. It’s definitely a must-see. Imagine how many references you can make while in Casablanca.

Casablanca | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

3. Medinas

Medinas are the best places to shop in Morocco. Not only for souvenirs and keepsakes but for actual things you will use and wear. You can buy insanely beautiful silk scarves here, the best rugs you’ll ever see, colorful slippers to wear at home and add some character to your apartment, wonderful one of a kind jewelry, embroidery, leather handbags – and that’s just a fraction of the treasures you can find in Moroccan medinas.

Medinas | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

4. Mountains

If you love hiking this is the place for you. And even if you don’t love hiking yet, you will after you see the mountains that Morocco has to offer. There are the High Atlas Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountains, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Rif Mountains – and the views are absolutely spectacular. Plus, did you know that the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal is also in Morocco?


Moroccan mountains | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

5. Culture

Morocco is a very culturally rich country. It’s made up of mostly Arabs and Berbers but the influence of the French, Portuguese, and Spanish are also very obvious. This unique mix of cultures and traditions is in everything you see in morocco, their buildings, their traditions, their way of life. And even though it’s a predominantly Muslim country there’s even some Jewish influences, Casablanca actually features the only Jewish Museum in the whole of the Arab world.

Moroccan Culture | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

6. Beaches

Morocco has a beach for every kind of person. If you want a place to chill with the family your best bet is Casablanca and Agadir. Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki are the perfect places for those who like surfing and other water sports. There’s even a beach in the middle of an eco-park called Plage-Blanche, which is a perfect spot to see some wildlife and feel at one with nature.

Moroccan Beaches | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

7. Food

You can’t call yourself a foodie unless you’ve tried Moroccan food. I mean, you basically haven’t lived if you haven’t tried it. The flavors in this cuisine are to die for. There are so many incredible dishes you have to try. B’ssara, a rich bean soup, is so yummy, Tagine traditionally cooked in earthenware pot is delectable, fish chermoula is so freaking tasty, Harira, traditional Moroccan soup is a must for everyone. Your tastebuds will be on cloud nine. And the Moroccan mint tea is just out of this world.

Moroccan Food | 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco | Her Beauty

8. Cats

Morocco is full of cats. A lot of them just live on the street but the locals feed them and generally take good care of them. It’s just a way of life over there. These cats just walk the streets, eat when they’re hungry, hunt when they want, lounge in the sun most of the time and get lots of attention in forms of petting and ear scratching from passers-by. So if you love cats and want to be surrounded by them – go to Morocco.