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8 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Eating Tofu


It’s mind blowing that people still think of tofu as something that only vegans eat, when in fact it’s an amazing food that is not only a great source of plant protein, but also has a whole lot of other benefits too. And these days there are so many different ways of cooking it that you’re bound to find one that will satisfy your tastebuds. Whatever your food preferences are, whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian or a vegan, you can still benefit greatly from consuming tofu. To find out exactly what are the benefits of eating tofu – keep reading.



1. Weight Loss
If you struggle with some excess weight, you might want to incorporate tofu into your diet. You see, tofu is very filling, but rather low in calories, so you can easily bulk out your meals with it and thus prevent overeating, which is usually the main cause of excess weight. Plus, tofu is full of protein, which means you won’t be losing muscle mass as you diet.



2. Kidney Health
Tofu is a perfect kind of food to eat if you have kidney disease or want to prevent it. It’s got enough protein to supplement your health, but it’s also easier to digest than meat and it’s full of minerals that promote kidney health.


3. Lower Cholesterol
Everyone knows that eating a lot of meat is not great for your heart and can make your cholesterol levels go through the roof. But if you don’t want to become fully vegan you can at least substitute some of your meat with tofu and you’ll see that your cholesterol levels will go down.


4. Prevent Anemia
Eating a portion of tofu every day can help you prevent anemia. Tofu is rich in iron, and our bodies need it to produce red blood cells. Just a 100 grams of tofu will supply you with 30% of iron you need on a daily basis.




5. Prevent Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a condition that develops when your bones become fragile and brittle. The best way to prevent it is to make sure you get enough calcium. Tofu is very rich in calcium so you can make sure you’re getting almost half of your body’s calcium needs by just eating half a cup of it.


6. Brain Health
Incorporating tofu into your diet will make sure your brain stays healthy for longer. Tofu has actually been proven to improve memory and cognitive function in women over 60. But why wait until you’re 60 when you can prevent brain deterioration by just having some tofu.


7. Liver Health
Tofu is known to have an antioxidant effect on our liver, which means that it can cleanse it and reduce the stress we put on it by ingesting unhealthy things. Basically it’s great at supporting liver function and, as a bonus, it’s great at preventing fatty liver disease because tofu lowers your cholesterol.


8. Hair Loss Prevention
Did you know that tofu is also a good source of keratin which is very important kind of protein that helps your hair grow. You’ve probably heard about all sorts of keratin treatments and they’re usually expensive and temporary. Why waste your time on that if you can just eat some tofu and have your hair grow long and strong?