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9 Best Homemade Cappuccino Recipes


Cappuccino is probably the most popular coffee drink in the world. We all love it and there are so many variations of it out there. There’s classic ones, with plant milk, with syrups, chocolate, berries, fruity infusions and even some with alcohol in them. But we tend to think of cappuccino as something you can only get in a cafe or coffee shop. Sure you can have coffee with milk at home but the key ingredient – the frothy milk foam that make cappuccino what it is, that can’t be achieved at home, can it? Lies. You can totally make it at home and there are quite a few ways of doing it. Keep reading to find out how.



1. Coffee Machine
Let’s start with the basics on how to make the frothy foam. If you really like coffee and cappuccino in particular the most obvious thing to do would be to invest in a coffee machine. This way you’ll be able to make a good espresso, plus even budget coffee machines usually have a little milk frother in them that will help you achieve that bubbly foam we all love so much.



2. Blender
Another way to achieve that cappuccino foam is to heat the milk up so it’s really warm but stop just before it boils. Then use a regular blender or an immersion blender to froth up the milk. It really does work like magic and it’s weird that most of us haven’t thought of that on our own.


3. Whisk
An electric whisk is perfect to make the milky foam for the cappuccino, but if you don’t have that one you can achieve a similar effect with a handheld one. Just heat up the milk and get to whisking. It might take a couple of minutes, but it’ll be worth it.


4. Mason Jar
Mason jars are not just a pretty hipstery equivalent of a mug, they’re pretty useful too. You can just warm up milk in the microwave, then put the lid on and shake the mason jar vigorously to froth up milk. After you can just add some coffee into the mug and enjoy or you can transfer the now further up milk into a cup and top with an espresso shot.




5. Caramel Brulee Cappuccino
Now that we’ve covered the basic techniques let’s talk about flavor combinations. This caramel cappuccino is to die for and will taste like something out of Starbucks or even better, but you can easily make it at home.


6. French Press Cappuccino
Did you know you can make cappuccino in a French press? Well turns out you can and this recipe will show you how to make a delicious vanilla cappuccino. It does require you to froth the milk separately but the result looks impressive.


7. Nutella Cappuccino
Chocolate makes everything better, but what can be better than just chocolate? That’s right –
Nutella! Try this Nutella cappuccino recipe and you’ll never want to drink a regular one again. It’s that good, we’re not even exaggerating.



8. Cinnamon Cappuccino
Cinnamon cappuccino is a classica and it’s perfect for the winter season, cause we all need a bit of spice to make us feel nice and cosy while it’s cold and horrible outside.


9. Perfect Homemade Cappuccino
If you need a step by step guide on how to make a perfect cappuccino at home and what tools work best for the greatest result – check out this recipe. It’s the most comprehensive one we’ve found.