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9 Best Places To Escape Monsoon In India



It’s a popular belief that you should stay away from India during the rainy season because everything becomes wet, dull, and it’s hard to travel. While it is true that some regions experience floods and you’d really want to stay away from coastlines and southern parts of India, the rest of the country becomes fresh, green, and watery in the best way possible. All the waterfalls come to life, rivers regain their full power, the lush greenery becomes dense and juicy, and all the colors are much brighter than usual. This is the only time of the year when you can enjoy all this! Here are 9 best places to escape monsoon in India.



If you’re one of those people who actually love rain and don’t mind getting drenched here and there, head to spectacular Shimla, a hill station with truly romantic scenery. Enjoy the misty clouds lazily floating by and local waterfalls like Spread Eagle Falls and Elephant Falls that become truly beautiful only during the rainy season.


It’s an easy rule – the higher you go, the lesser rainfall you’ll experience. This makes Leh a perfect place either for a weekend getaway or a long adventurous trip. For the most part of the year roads to Ladakh are closed due to snow, but they open up during monsoon months and you can travel by the most picturesque mountain roads ever. Dotted with ancient Buddhist monasteries and home to some truly otherworldly landscapes, Leh is among first places where you should go to escape the heavy downpours.



Hillsa and mountains become even more amazing during the monsoon, that’s why Munnar, a tea-plantation and a hill station, is one of the must-see places during the monsoon. Take in the splendid scenery of the Western Ghats, go trekking into the wild, and try the delicious Kerala cuisine, which has a meal or two that will definitely surprise you.


Dry and hot for the most part of the year, Orccha becomes a truly Instagram-worthy travel destination during the Monsoon. The picturesque Betwa River is overflowing with water, while the whole Melwa plateau gets covered with lush greenery and comes to life with water springs and animals. Nature isn’t the only thing to marvel at here – explore the rich history of the place with its ancient forts, temples, and memorials from the golden period of the place.



Set deep high up in the hills of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a place that looks most magical during the monsoons. It offers romantic trails in the Brynt Park and Coaker’s Walk, but if you’re feeling more adventurous there are serious Trek’s as well. Head to Kurunji Andavar temple, Dolphin’s Nose, or enjoy the Pambhar Falls in their full glory. This is the time of the year when the waterfalls look most breathtaking!



Yes, we are picking a whole state as a perfect travel destination during the rainy season and there’s a reason for that. From the historical town of Kochi with its spectacular fort to boat rides in Aleppey, there are plenty if activities to entertain you no matter what the weather is outside. And don’t get us started on the numerous Ayurvedic treatments you can get a special monsoon discount! Kerala is famous for its Ayurvedic centres, so if you aren’t into exploring the humid nature, then you can take care of your mind, body, and soul.


The state of Rajasthan receives close to no rains during the Monsoon season compared to other states, so if you want to travel as dry as possible – this is your best destination! The city of Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, is a royal beauty dotted with palaces and exquisite architecture. Roam around the beautiful havelis, explore the City Palace, enjoy the view of the Fateh Lake, and don’t forget to cool down with a juice mix or a smoothie prepared freshly at a street vendor. You’ll also be surprised by the abundance of street art in this spectacular place!


Set high up in mid-Himalayas, with striking views of snow-capped peaks, Ranikhet is one if the must-visit hill Stations of Uttarakhand. Apart from trekking and temple hopping you can take a trip to the nearby Valley of Flowers in full blossom. More than 400 flowers start blooming during the rainy season due to all the extra water they are getting. You’ve never seen anything like that before!


Nested in the Western Ghats of the Maharashtra state, Mahabaleshwar is part of the Sahyadri range and one of the most romantic spots during the rainy season. Be warned that this region received a heavy rainfall, but that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful – with rich emerald greenery and mist rolling off the hills. Travel to Elephant’s Head Point for the fantastic panorama and enjoy the sparkling beauty of the Lingamala waterfalls.