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9 Common Food Myths That Are Totally Untrue



The more we learn about food and health, the more we realize that a lot of commonly accepted truths about food are anything but true. Some things from the past may remain in tact, but many facts about health are being blown out of the water. And while old home remedies and traditional rules of thumb are good to know, some concepts of food have lead us to a skewed understanding of how to maintain our health. For a better perspective on diet and nutrition, here are 9 common food myths that are totally untrue.



All carbs are bad

The right carbohydrates are essential to good health. Whole grains are a great source of good carbs. Studies show that individuals who consume more whole grains have up to 30 percent less cases of heart disease.


Vitamin C protects you from common colds

Unless you are a professional athlete or soldier in extreme weather conditions, new studies are showing that vitamin C does nothing to prevent you from catching a cold.



No fat in your diet is better for you

There are some fats that your body actually need, like healthy fats from nuts, avocadoes chia seeds and certain fish. The bad fats are in processed foods, including some that claim to be low fat.


Frozen fruit is worse for you than fresh fruit

Many times, frozen fruit is actually better and more nutritious for you than fresh fruit because it is frozen to retain a lot more of its vitamin and mineral compounds. Fresh fruit take a long trip from farm to grocery store or farmer’s market, and can lose a lot of its nutrition along the way.


Avoid White Vegetables


Yes, it is good to avoid a plate full of white vegetables, but that just means it should be integrated as a component of a colorful, well-balanced meal. Veggies like potatoes, onions and mushrooms provide important nutrients like fiber and antioxidants.



Carrots are the best vegetable for eye health

Even though your mother always told you this was true, new research is suggested that leafy greens are even more effective than carrots at keeping our eyes heathy and sharp


Gum has a 7-year digestive journey

We’ve all heard this a million times, but it actually takes gum just about as long as other consumables to find its way out the other end.

Milk gives you strong bones

This might have been the greatest example of a well-devised marketing strategy literally fusing into our collective health consciousness as a society. For about a decade, nutritionists have been discovering more about milk, and the possibility that it may actually cause bones to lose calcium and increase the risk of bone fractures.



Coffee will stunt your growth

Recent studies have shown that coffee likely has no effect on that childhood growth spurt we all wish we’d gotten back in high school. Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet starting from a young age is the most effective way to put your genes and individual physical disposition in the best position for growth.