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9 Foods That Make Your Skin Age Faster



You might not care much about your skin and ageing when you’re 21, but believe us when we say that it will only get worse with each passing year. That is, if you don’t treat your body right. There are many factors that influence the way you look as you age, but the most important of them all is what you eat. You’ve probably heard about superfoods that will make you look good in an instant, well, there are foods that will make you look bad just as quickly! Here are 9 foods that make your skin age faster.



Sugar is the number one culprit when it comes to making our skin look all sappy and wrinkly as it messes with our collagen levels. It also causes inflammation in our bodies, which directly reflects on our skin in pimples and acne. It’s time to go sugar-free!


Caffeine is not the worst skin-ageing food on the list, but if you have a tendency to drink at least a few cups a day then you’re in big trouble. Caffeine dehydrates our skin in a huge way, and if you add some milk and sugar (which most of you probably do) then a morning cup of joe turns into a killer combo for your skin. Remember to drink less and have a glass of water after each cup to counteract coffee’s effect on your skin.



Trans fats
Trans fats you find in fast foods and snacks with long shelf life are among the most dangerous for your skin. They impact our skin cells directly and cause inflammation in our bodies, which directly leads to skin problems.


Margarine is a big no-no for those of you who care about your body at least a little bit. Studies have shown a direct link between margarine consumption and ageing processes. Margarine is far worse than butter as it’s packed with fatty acids that impact our skin’s elasticity and collagen levels.



French fries
As tasty as they may be, French fries are incredibly damaging for our skin. All the ingredients in them cause ageing: they are salty, deep-fried in oil, and made with potatoes that will ultimately break down into sugar inside your body, and that’s a big no-no. We can only advise you to forget about French fries once and for all!



If there’s one thing that dehydrates you more than coffee it’s alcohol. It uses up our body’s Vitamins A and C, which are crucial for our skin’s health and lowers the levels of magnesium and zinc, minerals that fight the ageing process.


Well, candy is made with sugar, so it’s pretty obvious at this point. But processed sugar is even worse for our bodies as it causes a high insulin response and promotes fast weight gain. But don’t get desperate just yet because there is something sweet you can eat without being afraid for your skin – it’s dark chocolate! Just make sure it doesn’t have any harmful additives and sugars in it.


Milk and dairy products
Science is still not quite sure whether dairy products are actually harmful for you or not. The bottom line is – some people suffer greatly from them, while others are completely fine consuming them. If you have a problematic skin and feel like something you eat is not good for you, milk and dairy products are a good place to start.



Processed meats
Processed meats like ham, bacon, and sausage are awful for our skin as they are packed with preservatives that cause inflammation in the body, and we all know too well where that leads. They also create free radicals that have a negative impact not only on your body, but on your DNA as well! Just opt for leaner meats like chicken or turkey.