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9 Mouth-Watering Dishes From Curd You Should Try At Least Once



Curd, dahi, or simply yoghurt is a heavenly treat on itself, but it can also be used in a variety of dishes, creating a taste like no other. With its smooth texture, cooling effect, and tangy taste, Indian curd is somewhat different from other yoghurts. It can be used in a variety of ways from the classic summer drink Lassi to yummy sweets and delicious Raita sauce. Here are 9 mouth-watering dishes from curd you should try at least once.



Dahi Bhalle
This is a traditional snack from the north of India with a sweet-and-sour taste and gentle texture. Dumplings made from dal or a mixture of dals are deep fried and served with flavourful mint chutney, curd, and a handful of pomegranate for added crunchiness.


Flax Seed Raita
This dish is simple, easy to make, and features more health benefits than we can count. Flax seeds are known to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that boost your immunity and reduce the risk of heart problems, while curd itself is rich in calcium that is essential to our bones’ health. Throw in some mint and grated bottle gourd and voila! You have a healthy addition to any meal.



Shrikhand is a popular Indian dish that is really easy to make. Beat some hung curd (strained of all liquid) with sugar to make the base for your delicious shrikhand, then add some saffron and beat again, and finally garnish it with some dry fruits, cardamom, almonds, or sunflower seeds.


Thayir Dosa
Can a dosa be prepared with curd? You bet it can! This curdy variation of the classic south Indian dish is absolutely delectable and goes well with coconut chutney or any other chutney for that matter. It’s fluffy, light, and can be prepared in a blink of an eye!



Curd Rice
In the north most Indians would turn to the simple dal-chawal dish as a comfort food, yet in the south, where food tends to be more light and spicy, it’s curd rice. The recipe is ridiculously easy as you just have to mix soft boiled rice with some curd and then add some spices and veggies to make it more interesting. You can add the traditional curry leaves and mustard seeds, as well some finely chopped veggies. Don’t forget to garnish with pomegranate!



Namkeen Lassi
We’re all familiar with sweet lassi recipes and it’s hard to beat mango lassi or lassi with strawberries, but when it comes to quenching the thirst and cooling down during the hot summer days, namkeen lassi is the best drink! This is salty lassi that is served with black salt, roasted cumin powder, and some mint leaves on top. Needless to say, it’s prepared from curd.


Dahi Bhindi
Bhindi are delicious veggies that are a great source of collagen and we all know how important it is to having that glowing youthful skin. Cooking bhindi in a dahi sauce with a hint of tomatoes for some added tanginess is a great way to experience these tender veggies. Serve with rotis, naan, or boiled rice.


Kurkuri Dahi
Is there anything tastier than crunchy paneer kebab with curd and a bunch of flavourful spices? We don’t think so! It’s easy to prepare and goes incredibly well with mint chutney. Kurkuri dahi is the best dish for the rainy season!



White Dhokla
Black gram, sour curd, and rice are what you’ll need to make this tender spongy cake. Somewhat similar to the familiar idlis, white dhokla offers a more sour taste with a bit of flavourful chilli and ginger.