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9 Reasons to Eat More Bananas



Bananas are one of the most common fruits in the typical diet, and is said to be one of the most consumed fruit across the globe. Easily incorporated into meals and snacks, bananas are also versatile and delicious. But not only do they taste good – there are a ton of health benefits to take advantage of from eating bananas. Try upping your banana intake for just a few weeks and you’ll be astounded at the changes in your bodily function, energy levels, and overall health and nutrition. To learn more about the banana’s abundance of benefits, check out these 9 top reasons why you should eat more bananas.



Contains Several Essential Nutrients
Bananas are a great natural source for a plethora of vitamins and nutrients, like potassium, vitamin B6, protein, manganese, fiber, vitamin C, copper and much more. These nutrients are beneficial and sometimes vital to many different aspects of health.


Improved Energy
Bananas help fuel and protect your body from its high content of potassium, antioxidants and many more nutrients. This makes them a great power snack, to use as a morning boost, mid-day energizer, and pre-workout snack.




Moderates Blood Sugar
Bananas are loaded with both pectin and starch, which are believed to regulate blood sugar levels by slowing digestion. Bananas are also a low to medium glycemic index food, which indicates a food’s potential influence on blood sugar levels.


May Help with Weight Loss
While there is no scientific evidence proving a direct link to bananas and weight loss, some characteristics can definitely be beneficial. The starch contained in bananas (specifically unripen) also makes them a great appetite suppressant. Its high source of fiber through pectic can also contribute to filling fuller longer.



Improve Insulin Sensitivity
For severe diseases, like certain types of diabetes, insulin resistance is especially dangerous. Once again, the starch of unripe bananas is said to have the capability to improve insulin sensitivity. Researchers have found that 4 weeks of a daily dose of 15-30 grams of resistant starch can improve insulin sensitivity by up to 50 percent.




Beneficial to Physical Fitness
Bananas are known for their easily digestible cards and high nutrient value, which makes this fruit the perfect snack for athletes. Not only do bananas release significant energy into the body, many athletes swear by bananas for relieving muscle cramps and post workout soreness.


Boosts Your Mood
Bananas contain substantial levels of the amino acid tryptophan, which the body harnesses and converts to serotonin. This is good for raising your spirits because serotonin is a mood-lifting neurotransmitter, that can increase happiness, regulate sleep, decrease stress and curb anxiety.


Strengthens your Heart
Because of their high potassium content, bananas are an essential food for keeping the heart strong and functioning properly. Potassium helps keep muscle contraction regular and tells the heart to pump blood through the whole body.




Decreases Stomach Ulcers and Heartburns
If experiencing stomach ulcers and heartburns, bananas are a great acid neutralizer. This fruit is amazing at restoring balance in the gut by reducing inflammation, decreasing irritation and coating the lining of the stomach.