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9 Yummy Bento Boxes IG Accounts You Should Follow


Food photography has taken over our life. There’s just something very satisfying in seeing a well photographed plate of food. That’s probably why we can’t scroll past one on Instagram without double tapping. But you know what’s even more satisfying than regular food photography? Bento boxes. So if you, like me, enjoy both eating and looking at bento boxes – here are some awesome bento box Instagram accounts that will make your day and inspire you to eat lots of different yummy, colorful foods.



1. Nangram
This bento box Instagram account has a very particular style, every bento box has a little chick made out of rice. It’s super cute!




2. Kazu
You’ll find healthy and varied bento boxes here. Every time it’s a new combination of foods. Good for lunch inspiration.

3. Maichiku
If you find symmetry to be esthetically pleasing and want to steal a few ideas for meals – this IG account will definitely give you some ideas.

4. Yayoko
Not only quality but quantity too. If you find it hard to believe that one bento box will fill you up – this account proves that you don’t have to stop at just one.



5. Keko
Very colorful food choices always seems more appealing and in the case of this IG account they’re also good for you.

6. Kyoko
A realistic yet delicious and satisfying meal ideas packed into neat bento boxes. What’s not to like?

7. Takayo
If you’re not quite a perfectionist and just want food inspiration that you can actually feel confident in recreating at home – Takayo is your goal.


8. Nao
We’d say the motto of this account is simple doesn’t mean bland. All the bento boxes here are very easy to recreate yet very delicious too.

9. Hiromi
Nutritious and delicious meals that are colorful and a pleasure to look at. Is that even possible? Yes, you really can have it all.