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Baker Nina Gudkova Creates Whimsical Berry and Pastel Cakes


For many of us, eating sweets has been a consistent indulgence, especially given the rollercoaster-like trajectory that 2020 is on so far. But at least we have Nina Gudkova’s confectionary filled Instagram account to fall back on. Her creations combine freshness, color, and aesthetic to create whimsical treats that connect to us way more than the meticulously crafted Insta-perfection that already exists out there.

Texture is a big part of this baker and pastry chef’s signature style. She loves dipping things in pastel tones, different berries, and whipped finishes. This goddess runs a baking com[any called “Friends Forever”, which started with Nina’s own cafe. Now, she’s famous for cakes, cookies, and so much more.

Her online reviews make it sound as though anyone whose eaten at Nina’s cafes have experienced a little slice of heaven, with one reviewer calling it the “most incredible cake I ever had” and comparing the location to a cake shop invented by Willy Wonka.

The reviewer wouldn’t be wrong. So many of Gudkova’s cakes are about whimsy and escapism. Consider one single bite that combines fresh cream, light marshmallow layers, caramel ribbons, and fresh fruit that tastes like it came from an orchard – all sandwiches between hundreds of crepe cake layers.

One of this beauty’s more recent creations is this cloud-like pavlova – an homage to classic Russian desserts. Combining berries, figs, pavlova and strawberry cake all embody the complete mood of summer and an aura of love. We should all strive to recreate this cake while we’re stuck inside!

We can’t get over how artfully Nina Gudkova integrates berries into her cakes. We’d even dare to call it berry art. Other cake artists tend to rely on drawn-on flowers or complicated fondant art to add that va-va-voom factor to their cakes, but the way that she crowds and piles them onto different surfaces shows a natural instinct for this stuff.

She also has that distinct brush stroke feather style that often shows up in her work, like on the surface of these mini cakes. Besides the pastel peacock cheesecakes sit some pink and blue encrusted cookies – the whole scene is a cotton candy dream, and fit for a princess.


Now that’s one way to approach pancakes. Add berries, crepe cake tactics, and plenty of creamy fillings to melt over your tastebuds. This one looks a little less complicated than some of her other inventions (but just as towering) so try it out, with crunchy toppings and all!

We were about to get a little judgy about Nina’s preference towards raspberries as opposed to other fruit topping options, but this swirling night sky of a cake has really made us rethink that statement. A gentle mountain of indigo blackberries and blueberries cover a fudgy layer of brownies before descending into a star-studded cake. This birthday creation was a Harry Potter inspo, which we can totally see.

It seems as though berry mountains are another specialty of this queen. We’re not sure if it’s just layers of berries on berries underneath there, or a secret layer of cake, but either way, we’re digging into this mountain range of a cake so we can get to that lusciously gooey layer of drip coming over the sides.

Nina must have been sold out for orders over Easter, this year! And it turns out that she’s not only a pastel confectionary goddess, but also a genius at making her own marshmallows, with a unicorn tinted swirl. With all the colors of a bath bomb and all the flavors of a camping favorite, these blue and lavender swirled marshmallows are a staple we need in our pantry every day.

Snowballs, or coconut covered treats, are a childhood classic for many, whether they’re store-bought or made by a loved one. This dipped blueberry, strawberry and coconut creation integrates fruit in a unique, berry-free way that Nina hasn’t showed us before. This time, pastel is layered over an aquamarine base that reminds us of Caribbean waters.

This masterpiece was created specifically for Easter, which you can probably tell by the adorable, bowtie wearing pink bunny cookie adorning each treat. Here, Nina sculpted a frosted cookie into a cereal bowl, filling it with a mix of bright Fruit Loops and strawberries sitting on a milk-inspired base. Fruit loops were the ultimate choice for this gal’s color palette.