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Chinese Cafe Serves Coffee With A Cotton Candy Cloud And We’re Impressed


Mellower Coffee, a café based in Shanghai, came up with one of the most creative ways to serve coffee. In the age when 90% of the population takes out there phones to make a photo before taking any meal or drink, you want to make sure that whatever you serve looks good. And the better it looks, the more Instagram popularity you’ll get! Instagram trendsetters are a force to be reckoned with, that’s why Mellower Coffee presented its guests with a truly unique coffee design – a cup of hot steaming coffee with a cotton candy cloud raining over it!
When it comes to picture perfect foods and drinks, Mellower Café definitely delivers high quality goods. Just look at this cup of coffee with a huge cloud ‘raining’ sugar over it!

With such a cute and stylish design, no wonder this coffee soon became an Instagram star, making thousands of people want to visit Shanghai if only to drink a cup of this magical yumminess.


The place itself is quite hip and kind of makes you expect to be served something modern and unique like a cup of Sweet Little Rain with sugar dripping right into your coffee cup.

Food bloggers and regular visitors tried the new coffee and they all agree that it is high quality product that both looks and tastes amazing.

If you’re one of those people that have an acute sense of beauty, this coffee is right up your alley! Keep it in mind that this is not the most ‘comfortable’ product to eat or drink something, and mess will happen.


Talking about messiness, many customers revealed that despite all the hype surrounding this unique coffee drink, it soon starts looking less than glamorous with cotton candy melting all over the place.


This is definitely not something you’ll want to share with your fellow Instagramers. At first the dripping cloud looks quite enchanting, but then in all turns into one sugary mess with cotton candy all over your plate and table.

Nevertheless, we are urging you to try it when you’re in Shanghai or simply looking for a truly unique cup of joe. Those first seconds of cotton candy magic are very well worth it!


Some people argue that they should have made the cloud smaller to avoid the mess, but we think it just wouldn’t look as stunning with a modest cotton candy cloud hovering over your cup of coffee. Enjoy the mess, too!