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Food Artist Creates Beautiful Scenes From Edible Ingredients


While a “sandwich artist” might be your local worker at Subway, a “food artist” is something very different. This kind of artist makes scenes out of food that inspire innovation and a new way of thinking in the viewer. Daryna Kossar accomplishes that with leaps and bounds.



Meet Daryna. She’s a master of all things visual, creative, and food. She’s not a chef, she just likes playing with her ingredients.



While many known as “food artists” make foot-long subs, Daryna makes breathtaking aesthetics out of edible materials.

Almost too pretty to eat, she creates beautiful looks like a blushing polar bear made out of sushi rice, salmon sashimi, and organic green detailing.



For Valentine’s Day, she created a heart shaped hot air balloon, crafted out of pomegranate seeds and tethered by chocolate strings to a waffle cone basket.

This is an iteration of a woman rocking her hair au natural, in the form of succulent blackberries. The use of texture is uncanny and perfectly fits each of her pieces.




For her Halloween inspired creation, she made a friendly witch with wild, curly hair made out of artfully places fusilli pasta.

Showing the breakfast of a food artist, Daryna expresses her passion for her livelihood in this artist’s palette on a crepe, with a different fruit each representing her colour. It wouldn’t be complete without chocolate brushes!



She even does celebrity portraits – made out of Oreo dust. Yes, this is an amazing portrait of the famous comedian, and we wouldn’t want it anywhere near a gust of wind. It’s like sand art, but with cookies!

One might think it impossible to draw a pretty city skyline just out of processed cheese, vegetables, ham and toast. But these sandwich contents, when styled and carved artfully, compose one of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen.



Desert plant lovers will appreciate the art’s imaginative use of field greens, pumpernickel breads as pots, and once again, a suite appearance of broccoli. We don’t know how these pieces make us crave a veggie snack, but they manage to! Now that’s powerful art.

Look how cute this girl is.



And here is our favourite: a poodle made with raspberries. Doesn’t it look amazing?