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Friends Official Cookbook Is Out and It’s Beyond Delicious


Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for so long arrived – the official Friends cookbook is out! Well, it will be out on September, 22, which is just around the corner, so we can start celebrating now. We’ve seen our fair share of cookbooks inspired by the Friends TV show, but none of them were official. So, what does this cookbook look like and what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look.

Created by Amanda Yee, a professional chef and a big fan of the show, the Friends cookbook isn’t just a random collection of recipes inspired by the sitcom. The cookbook celebrates some of the most significant moments in the show and pays tribute to the culinary prowess of all its members. Whether it’s Ross’s mind-blowing sandwich, Chandler’s Milk You Can Chew or Rachel’s delicious trifle, you will find all that and much more in the book.

Some of the most iconic moments of the show revolve around food, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the cookbook has lots of recipes to try. There are more than 80 recipes in the book that cater to all kinds of chefs – from novice to experts and real pros. One thing we know for sure – it’s an abundance of tastes that will definitely make your cooking experience more fun than ever.

Remember Janice and Chandler? He genuinely didn’t like the girl, but her affection for him melted the ice and some magic happened in the end. In order to celebrate their relationship Janice cooked some pretty amazing fluffy pancakes – and this is the recipe for you to try! It has maple syrup and berries, so be careful not to get addicted to this yumminess.


And what about Ross’ infamous sandwich made from Thanksgiving leftovers? Yes, I’m talking about the Moist Maker, the one and only. This might very well be the most iconic meal created on the show and now all Friends fans can get a taste of it! The main secret ingredient of the recipe is the ‘gravy-soaked bread in the middle of the moist-maker’. And let’s hope your boss doesn’t eat it!

If you’re planning to throw a party (after the quarantine is over, of course) then this book is a real life-saver and will definitely help you create a memorable menu. It contains not only snacks and all kinds of drinks, but main courses and appetizers as well. And don’t forget the desserts! Phoebe’s French chocolate chip cookies are also in the book.

Remember Phoebe’s iconic phrase “He’s her lobster!” from The One with the Prom Video episode? It’s one of the most heart-warming episodes of the show, revealing just how much Ross and Rachel care for each other. In the episode Monica finds an old video about their school prom when Rachel was stood up by her date and Ross decided to make a surprise and come get her instead of that guy. Unfortunately, her date appeared the last minute, leaving Ross heartbroken. Rachel had no idea about this, so when she saw the video she passionately kissed him.

The Joey Special. Two Pizzas” should definitely be in your cooking arsenal for those days when you want to impress everyone with something absolutely delicious. On the show it is not revealed what types of pizzas Joey is having, so Amanda Yee fantasized a bit and came up with two of her own yummy recipes – salami, ham, and sausage pizza and garlic and clam pizza.