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Guilty Pleasure Desserts You Definitely Need to Try


Eating dessert is the most effective short-term method of dealing with a bad mood – it’s scientifically proven. Ok, maybe not, but we do know that indulging in our sweet tooth makes everything better, especially when it’s made at home with love. Here’s what to whip up on your cheat day.



1. Chocolate Wasted Cake
As per this sweet treat’s name, you will be totally wasted on chocolate after consumption, but every bite will be worth it. Just looking at an image of it is overwhelming; topped in candy, decked out head to toe in Ghirardelli’s chips and drizzled in Kahlua, this cake is swallowed by a thick, chocolate buttercream.



2. Sex In A Pan
This name might be a little startling, but it is 100% accurate. Composed of mostly pudding, this mouthwatering dessert has a crunchy pecan crust, above which six layers fill your mouth with chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding whipped cream, and powdered-sugar sweetened cream cheese.


3. Cookie Dough Chocolate Cake
This cake gives us throwbacks to eating cookie dough straight out of the tube. Luckily, this recipe adds a little sophistication by integrating the childhood favorite into a mile high layer cake. Instead of frosting, cookie dough is whipped into a texture lighter than clouds.



4. Caramel Brownies
Ribbons of gooey caramel combine with the luscious texture of fudgy brownies. An absence of eggs makes this the softest brownie recipe ever, but that also means you need to let them cool completely before you cut them. Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream for full-circle guilty pleasure vibes.


5. Snickers Bars
What’s better than going to the store and gorging on Snickers bars like it’s Halloween? Making your own Snickers bars at home so that you can have an unlimited supply, of course. That nougat layer is so much more sublime when it’s fresh out the oven…




6. Momofukus’ Butter Cake Bars
Anyone who has even heard of Momofuku Milk Bar’s famous butter cake bars, knows that it’s practically the definition of decadence. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of butter, cream cheese, and a full pound of sugar. #worthit.


7. Mint Chocolate Chip Cake
Some people have a year round obsession with mint chocolate chip, and now you can get it in more than ice cream form. It looks just like the famous Baskin Robbins flavor, and the resulting flavor is equally drool worthy.


8. Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
While eating Nutella straight out of the air always hits the spot, stuffing it with sea salt and brown butter in a fat chocolate chip cookie makes it even better. It’s like a cookie burrito. Nom.



9. Tuxedo Cheesecake
What exactly is a tuxedo cheesecake? It’s a jaw-dropping masterpiece with layers of white chocolate mascarpone cheese and chocolate Swiss buttercream, all stuffed densely between fluffy fudge cake.


10. Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes
We’ve all powered through a box of Oreos before, but inserting said Oreos into a Cheesecake Cupcake is something so genius that even we hadn’t tried it. We can taste the cavities coming in already.