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Spring Onion Coffee – The Trend You Didn’t See Coming


Say goodbye to the pumpkin spice latte, as a new sensation is taking the world by storm. Welcome to the bizarre, intriguing, and slightly eyebrow-raising world of spring onion coffee, the latest viral sensation to sweep across China. Yes, you heard that right—spring onions and coffee. Together. In one cup. What a time to be alive!

A Brew with a Twist

The spring onion coffee trend, also whimsically known as “scallion latte,” is the brainchild of some intrepid baristas in China who clearly decided that coffee just wasn’t adventurous enough on its own. The recipe? Simple, yet daring: a generous handful of chopped spring onions, a splash of ice, a swirl of milk, and, of course, a robust shot of coffee. The final touch? More spring onions on top, because why not?

Videos of this quirky concoction have been taking the internet by storm, particularly on TikTok and Instagram, where influencers have been bravely diving into this new flavor frontier. The reactions have been as mixed as you’d expect. While some adventurous souls have embraced the combo, others have left wondering if this is a prank that has gone too far.

The Taste Test

Imagine waking up to your usual cup of joe, but with a surprise that’s both aromatic and pungent. According to Ashish D’abreo, co-founder of Maverick & Farmer Coffee, it’s like enjoying your coffee with a side of bad breath. Yet, some have found the taste oddly intriguing, almost refreshing. It’s a bit like that weird relative who always brings the most unusual dish to family gatherings—it’s strange, but you kind of look forward to it.

The trend taps into a broader culinary movement in China known as “dark cuisine.” This genre celebrates unconventional and sometimes downright bizarre food combinations that challenge your taste buds and your courage. Think oyster coffee, soy sauce lattes, and now, spring onion coffee. It’s culinary innovation at its most daring, or, as some might say, most desperate.



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Why Onions?

So, why spring onions? Why not, say, bell peppers or radishes? Well, spring onions bring a unique sharpness and a hint of sweetness that can (supposedly) complement the bitterness of coffee. Plus, they add a crunchy texture that’s not typically associated with your morning brew. It’s like a breakfast smoothie, but for people who love to live dangerously.


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The Verdict

Will spring onion coffee dethrone your beloved caramel macchiato? Probably not. But it’s a testament to the boundless creativity and the sometimes baffling beauty of culinary experimentation. It’s a reminder that food—and drink—can be playful, surprising, and yes, even a little weird. And in a world where the ordinary can sometimes feel, well, a bit too ordinary, isn’t it nice to know there’s always something out there to shake things up?

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in China and are feeling adventurous, why not experiment with spring onion coffee? At the very least, you’ll have a story to tell, a memory to cherish (or laugh about), and a newfound appreciation for the lengths people will go to in the name of a good brew.


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Stay caffeinated, stay curious, and never say no to a little adventure in your cup. Cheers to the unexpected!