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The Best Places to Travel in 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign


The best way to start a year is by planning it out. Most people immediately start writing up career goals, fitness plans and other work and health related things. And while that’s important, we also think it’s a good idea to start a year by planning out the fun things you want to do and then figure out the work that’s needed to achieve them. So what are the fun things you want to do this year? Is it bungee jumping, salsa dancing, skydiving perhaps? Or is it something like trying a new bold hair color or an edgy haircut and a change of style? All of these are good options. But if you ask me what’s the most fun thing one can do – I’ll always say it’s travel. It’s something that will bring you lots of fun experiences, you’ll see a bunch of new exciting things, meet interesting people and the memories you’ll make will last you a lifetime. You’re never going to regret travelling. So how do you pick a destination? Well, let’s try picking it according to your Zodiac sign.



When it comes to Aries, the actual destination doesn’t matter as long as it’s exciting. You could go to the other side of the world or just a city you’ve never been to in your own country. What matters is that you find something exciting to do there. But since the whole point is to suggest a location – we suggest starting a year by planning a trip to The Last Resort, Tatopani, Nepal. Here you can do all sort of exciting things like bungee jumping, canyoning and white water rafting. It’s exactly what an adrenaline junkie like Aries needs.



Taurus is a sign that loves to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. The best travel destination for a Taurus would be a luxury resort that can provide delicious food, good wine, great weather and gorgeous scenery. Think something with warm beaches to sunbathe, crystal clear waters to swim in and lovely natural sights to see and explore on an active day. Saint Lucia sounds like the perfect choice. It’s got mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanic beaches and luxury resorts favored by celebrities. It ticks all the boxes.


Geminis are hard to please, they want to really experience the places they go to, soak in the culture and see all the sights. But they also don’t like staying in one place for too long. They need something that has a bit of everything and the opportunity to keep moving forward. They would die of boredom on a tropical island. They’re much more suited for fast paced cities that never sleep like London or New York. These places will keep them interested and occupied while also providing a lot of different cultural experiences from all over the world thanks to their multicultural population.



Cancers are generally known for being homebodies and couch potatoes. But it’s not cause they’re lazy or don’t like socializing with others. They just like their comfort, they are picky about their company and they really do appreciate their close friends and family and the time they get to spend with them. The best kind of vacation destination for them would be a relaxing yoga resort. They will really love a place with a calm energy, beautiful nature and people who are on the same wavelength as them. We suggest yoga resorts in Bali.


Leos are most happy when they’re in the center of a party. They love connecting with new local cultures and experience life in new ways, but they also need a good night scene to let out the steam and party till dawn. So can you think of a place that combines lots of culture but also a great party scene? Rio De Janeiro comes to mind, doesn’t it? It’s a place where partying is basically an art form and a Leo would feel right at home in this crazy wonderful city.



Virgos are a very interesting sign. They tend to dive headfirst into everything. They immerse fully into an interesting work project, they like keeping their social life busy and they still try to find time for creativity. So it’s no surprise that to really relax and recharge they need to get away from it all. What benefits them the most is getting as far away as possible from the busy hustle and bustle of the city and go somewhere where there’s few people, little civilization and lots of nature, a place where they can recharge in a gentle and peaceful way. Madeira, Portugal or some little village in Switzerland sounds like a pretty awesome choice.



Libras love all things beautiful and cultural. They can truly appreciate art, they have good taste in music and film, they are particular about their food and they absolutely need their travel destination to have a good vibe. Paris looks like a perfect place for a long vacation for a Libra. They can spend their days wondering the art museums, have the best lunches at French restaurants and spend their evenings watching beautiful French movies while enjoying a glass of wine. And all this with Paris as a backdrop and love in the air.



Scorpios are known for being quite intense. When they get in a mood they can remain broody for weeks, but when they are happy they seem to have endless energy for exploring and learning new things. An ideal travel destination for them would have to include both an interesting culture to explore and an option to slip away into the nature and not have to deal with people. Cuba offers both with its pristine beaches, mesmerizing nature and fascinating culture and mentality.


Sagittarius is always looking for the next best adventure, whether it be a thrilling adrenaline quest or a spiritual awakening. They just need something new and something eye opening, something that will blow their mind. One thing comes to mind – Jamaica. This place has things for both adrenaline junkies and those looking for a spiritual awakening.



Capricorns are workaholics, they work hard and they work a lot. They have very high standards and the goals they set for themselves often sound unachievable for others, but they know they can do it and they don’t stop until they do. So when it comes to traveling and vacations they have the same standards. They need a place that’s beautiful and luxurious because they deserve the best things in life, but they also need it to be calm and peaceful to truly relax and unwind from all of the work they’ve been doing. A Swiss vacation in the country sounds right up their ally.


Aquarius is a forward thinking sign. They like to think of themselves as intelligent, innovating and they’re generally very fond of technology and all things new. So Japan seems like a great option for travelling. It’s a completely different world over there. The culture, the architecture, the people, the mindset – everything is very different and we all know that if you want to see the new tech inventions Japan is the place to go.



Pisces is a water sign, so many think that the perfect travel destination for them is somewhere warm and tropical, with a lovely beach and an ocean to swim in. And while it’s true that Pisces are drawn to water and it’s what truly makes them feel at peace, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it in other forms. Iceland, for example is a perfect place to visit for Pisces, even though not many would think of it. It’s a country that offers immense beauty of nature and an opportunity to truly get in tune with themselves and their soul, open the mind’s horizons and get one’s artistic juices flowing.