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What Meal To Cook For Your Crush, Based on Their Zodiac Sign



Many say that the way to your crush’s heart is through their stomach, and while some might take that with a grain of salt, we at Herbeauty take this sentiment very seriously. Here are the best dishes that match up with your crush’s personality and Zodiac sign, and will be sure to impress them at the dinner table.



Pisces: Pan Seared Salmon and Asparagus
What better than a filet of fancy fish for the fish sign himself? It is filled with flavor and sophistication, which speaks well to Pisces who tend to have a more complex personality and palate. It’s gourmet but wholesome and will push all the right buttons for later on in the evening.


Aquarius: Out-Of-The-Box Indian Entree
Aquarians are known to adventurously delve into new situations all the time, cuisine being a big part of that. Try cooking something outside of your everyday Western cuisine, such as Muttar Paneer or Aloo Gobi. Just make sure they’re ok with some spice!



Capricorn: Roast Chicken and Comfort Food Sides
Although these guys certainly have some flare to their personality, they’re lovers of the classics and adore a good take on a classic meal. Try contemporary takes on Thanksgiving sides with a main like roast chicken or veggies for those with dietary restrictions.


Sagittarius: Stuffed Mexican Peppers
Otherwise known as Chile Rellenos, this dish is perfect for Sagittarius who usually like a kick of spice along with their meal. If your Sag likes a little heat and a lot of experience in their meal, this gooey, crunchy, and mildly spicy entree will be the ultimate match for this Zodiac sign.


Scorpio: New Orleans Gumbo
With shrimp as the main protein in this dish, you can always switch it up with a seafood medley or sausage version. This Zodiac sign has a lot of flavor and attitude, and this Southern dish is the best representation of them. Filled with okra, spices, and herbs, and you’ll have their heart forever.



Libra: Gourmet Ricotta Avocado Toast
A hot and home cooked meal is a favorite for many, but the Libra loves aesthetic and texture as much as they do a satisfying main dish. Lucky for you, this avocado toast is versatile, innovative, and offers plenty of opportunity for presentation.



Virgo: Baked Ziti or Pasta Casserole
Virgos are comfort-oriented signs that love an aromatic, cozy food, so you can’t go wrong with a hot and cheesy Italian pasta dish. This dish works for almost anyone, so if you’re worried about impressing your guest, opt for the baked ziti option! It’s a safe space, in the form of a food.


Leo: Lobster Mac N Cheese or Surf N Turn
Leos are proud and noble lions, so accordingly, they do like luxurious things in life. Your Leo crush will swoon at this decadent and expensive looking dish that will cost way less to make at home than it will at a fancy seafood restaurant.


Cancer: Lasagna With All The Fixins’
By nature, Cancers are usually very generous people, so you better step your hosting game up! You could serve up a ton of appetizers, or you could just deck out a lasagna with absolutely everything. Although it’s a pretty straightforward meal, it still requires some thoughtfulness that your crush will definitely appreciate, and leave feeling satiated.


Gemini: Pad See Ew
A Gemini likes being surprised and stimulated all the time – an exotic dish that you might only otherwise find at a Thai restaurant will make a memorable experience without a doubt. It’s not too unfamiliar, but they’ll appreciate the extra effort and dynamic flavors from an Eastern dish.


Taurus: Salmon or Beef Wellington
Many a Taurus pride themselves on being a foodie, so you might have to up your chef chops when it comes to cooking a meal for them. Beef or salmon Wellington has a consistently high brow reputation that might require a Skype session with mom and several cooking channels. Or you could get romantic and cook this dish with your partner, which is sure to be an aphrodisiac.


Aries: Loaded Breakfast Burrito or Huevos Rancheros
Aries like to start their day on the right foot – with revitalized power and energy. For that reason, they’d probably love a protein filled, scrumptious main like a breakfast burrito or a heaping plate of huevos rancheros. Who can say no to cheesy, bean-filled goodness smothered in avocado and salsa? Tailor it to their favorite foods and these brunch lovers won’t forget it.