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Yummy Yoghurt: 7 Health Benefits


It’s not a secret that yoghurt is good for you. It is easily digested, contains a handful of probiotics essential for your gut health, as well as calcium and various nutrients. Not to mention that it’s incredibly tasty! You can eat it, make face masks with it, or special hair serums. It’s useful no matter how you look at it! Here are 7main health benefits of yoghurt.



Create the ultimate face mask
Yoghurt is the best face mask ever on its own – it will make your skin smooth and moisturized in no time. Mix it with some honey for a detoxifying effect or add some oatmeal to create a gentle scrub. Yoghurt contains lactic acid the greatly improves your skin by exfoliating thin top layers of epidermis. As a result you’ll have a clean skin free from blemishes.



Get fabulous abs
Yoghurt calms down the fat cells in your body, creating a hormonal balance that promotes weight loss. It also lowers cholesterol levels, improves digestion and food absorption, which greatly reduces the risk of obesity. It will also boost your immune system!



Reduce PMS pain
Forget about sinful salty snacks and loads of chocolates during those nasty stomach cramps once a month because now you have yoghurt! It’s packed with calcium which is the most important element during the PMS syndrome. Add some fruits and unusual toppings to make a truly satiating meal that will calm all your cravings.



Amazing hair pack
If you have any hair-related problems, a dollop of yoghurt is your number one solution. Packed with protein, a yoghurt hair mask will make your hair all smooth and shiny. It also fights dandruff and moisturizes your scalp, preventing dryness and frizzy hair. Add some honey to create a special hair mask for damaged hair.



Great post workout food
Yoghurt is the ideal base for a post workout smoothie. Add some greens or fruits and you’ll have the perfect protein-packed remedy for any damage you might have gotten during the exercises. It is also a powerful immunity booster that will help you restore after a workout session.


Regulate blood pressure
Most of us eat much more salt that is healthy for us, which directly influences our blood pressure. Potassium in yoghurt has the ability to flush out excess sodium we accumulate from eating salty snacks and fast food. Together with proteins and vitamins, potassium helps regulate our blood pressure by balancing out sodium.



Strengthen your bones
There are not that many calcium-rich products that will actually make your bones and teeth stronger. Yoghurt is one of those rare meals that is packed with calcium and phosphorous, making it an ideal ingredient for your every diet. Consuming yoghurt regularly will also help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis as you grow older.