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10 Ways to Add Coziness to Your Home


Modern aesthetics can be nice, but no one wants to be invited to a cold, hard home in the dead of winter. They want warmth, comfort and friendliness exuding from the house’s every pore. Here’s how to accomplish that.



1. Cozy textiles
Rough and uncomfortable materials that are scratchy obviously don’t invite comfort. Invoke feelings of happiness with comfortable, soft textures like faux fur, knit, sheepskin and shag.



2. Fire it up
Even If you don’t have a chimney, you can add hygge to your home with an electric fireplace which is easy to install and maintain. Worse comes to worse, throw on that virtual fireplace channel.


3. Create lighting ambiance
Dimming the lights create a warm mood, but cool lights evoke stress and fluorescent office lights. Swap cool bulbs for warm ones and integrate candles.



4. Don’t forget the outside
If you have a front porch or terrace, make it comfy with warming candles, cozy blankets, weatherproof seating options, and other snuggly essentials stored in a wicker basket.


5. Live the minimalist way
Less mess is the way to go – it helps you organize, declutter, and decrease cortisol levels. This well enhance the calm and simplistic vibe in your home, even through holiday chaos.




6. Add bluetooth speakers or a record player
Music definitely creates a positive atmosphere, and when delivered in a high quality sound system, it puts people in the best of moods. Consider something unobtrusive like jazz.


7. Warm your home…literally
Up the temperature and upgrade insulation before window, repair damage make sure your HVAC system is up to date. A chilly house is ever a cozy one.


8. Warm colors and books
Warming colors like oak and gold add coziness to living or common rooms. Paired with a tasteful collection of coffee table books, a quiet and laid-back energy will take over your domicile.



9. Pastels, petals and brass
Rosy and dusty blush hues paired with brass mirrors adds warmth and elegance, creating an unbeatably cozy vibe. Some warm toned flowers on a dresser will add wonders to this ambiance.


10. Floor pillows
Add floor pillows as seating options, instead of some stuffy dining room chair. This invites a laidback feeling of sociability and relaxation. Moroccan and other poufs are cheaper and have softer lines than those chairs anyway!