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12 Creative and Unexpected Ways to Add Color to Your Home



Some of us aren’t the best at having a natural decor intuition. Instead, we face bare walls begging for a stylish makeover. Lucky for us, there are some easy hacks to add a pop of color to your interiors and turn you into an instant Martha Stewart.



1. Paint the front door something unexpected. This creates a warm entry and a welcoming ambiance in your house – the front door is the portal to your home. Pink is a whimsical option, while navy or matte black offers a more upscale sense of classiness.


2. Paint the ceiling to add a sense of airiness. A color like light blue or gray adds a lively and unique sense of style that invites happiness instead of making you feel boxed in.



3. Paint the insides of bookshelves. If you’re a renter and your landlord will lose it if you paint the front door, this is a sophisticated way to add a touch of color. It makes a big impact as an accent piece, with little to no effort!


4. Paint an accent wall, or if you’re bold about a big shot of color, try a large scale mural with natural references. They can be pasted on the wall, or many come with self-adhesive backing.


5. Try a colorful appliance in the kitchen, such as a stove or fridge. This trend is more popular in Europe at the moment, and it gives a room a playful energy, adding to its character. This might be a bit more heavy duty than simply painting a wall, but the final effect makes it all worth it.


6. Choose some colorful vintage or contemporary furniture. Adding some bright color to old, drab chairs can turn a dining room into an effortless restaurant aesthetic and create a dramatic transformation.




7. Hang some art pieces on the wall. Maybe you have an artist friend who is talented with the brushstroke, or you saw a piece at a flea market that spoke to you. If you’re not big on color and home renovations, this is a quick fix that helps make walls less bare.


8. Visit your local flower shop and add some cute floral arrangements to your home. If you don’t have allergies, this is an organic touch of color that adds a natural air freshener. Add a stylish and bold vase, and switch flowers according to the season.


9. Try out two-toned curtains with a hue that complements your living space well. This helps anchor your room but adds infinite height to it as well. This can be a two texture tone or you can simply play with color.


10. Pay attention to the small aspects. If you don’t want to go all in painting a wall, don’t fret! Tiny moments of color are just as exciting – try out some new vibrant throw pillows and blankets.



11. Paint a DIY sideboard, which is a great way to combine a love for arts and crafts with your own personal identity while brightening a room. This can be styled with a collage of multi-hued glassware, foliage, and unique vintage pieces.


12. Paint your room so that it matches a piece of furniture you already own. For instance, if you have a modern yellow sofa, try a sunshine-toned geometric accent wall broken up by some neutrals like cream and grey.