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Boho Chic Home Decor That Makes Us Swoon


2020 has been such a headache, and sometimes, all you need to lift that stress is a gorgeously eclectic room full of colors. Boho chic interior design has been a popular theme for years, and we see why. It embodies that playful yet seductive California girl vibe. A girl who can dress up with class, but mostly likes to hang at the beach with no makeup and a maxi dress.

Your home should be a place filled with positive optimism – not drab shades of black, white and chrome. Modern and minimalist is cool, but this year, we’re thinking maximalist. The past few months have been filled with so much dreary news, we clearly need to brighten it up with the boho home designs of Lee Alford.

Alford isn’t afraid to blend different colors, textures, and vibes. She has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Origin Magazine, Gipps Magazine and more. Based out of Gippsland, Australia, her Instagram page celebrates plants, bright colors, and vintage.

It seems like dozens of eras clashed in a beautiful mosaic when it comes to Lee’s work, and we mean that in the best way possible. Much of what she showcases is in her own home, where the pieces are ever-changing, and always happiness inducing.

Lee Alford is proof that mixing and matching can create the most magical home of your dreams, if you want it to. And while she might give you serious home inspo, you’ll mostly just admire how she makes the eclectic vibes in her own work so well.

She mixes the old with the new – for instance, a bright Ikea pleated shade here blends with Lee’s grandparent’s lamp base. Old meets new, and it’s like she invented a whole other product.

She called this the “Nanna Nook” and it does look like somewhere cozy that you would snuggle up with your gran. We adore the textured and colorful upholstery that she plays with here. Why bother with wallpaper when you can cover your wall in gorgeous framed works of art instead?


Many of the pieces, due to their always rotating nature, are put up for sale and advertised on her IG stories. All of these pieces together might be too bold, but one or two accent pieces in your home sounds really chic, so keep an eye out for sales.

Often, people are scared of color in the bedroom. It’s the opposite for Lee. This is an opportunity for her to express her brightest identities, mixing colorful cultures from Mexican Otomi cushions to African textiles. Even better, she refuses to support big companies with no Mexican or African affiliation, nor companies that bank off cultural appropriation. Instead, she invests in the work of authentic and skilled artisan.

Plants are always thoughtfully integrated in her rooms as well. This area is full of hanging plants, and sunlight. Blue chairs and a mesmerizing blue rug make for a dynamic dining room piece that almost looks like a jungle hanging above a dreamy blue ocean.

Honestly, we’re obsessed with all of her wall pieces. It creates its own art in a sense. From beautifully arranged wooden goodies like this to her mosaics of striking paintings, she makes us rethink the entire concept of wall art.

Oh, and the magic isn’t just restricted to indoors. Look at this bright backyard extravaganza, complete with magenta cushions and a hanging tassel display. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to spend every day of the summer out here?

Alford calls this “the most polarizing room in the house” but she adores how “extra” it is. Religious icons have always been celebrated in unique ways over the years in terms pf home decor. This room has paintings, neon crosses, and everything else you could think of. An avid fan even recreated it in a painting, which the designer hopes to get framed and hung on the same wall!

For a Mother’s Day post, she shared the best pillow curation ever, along with the breathtaking art of three feminists, hung above this oasis of a nook. With the hashtags #moreismoredecor and @maximalism, we think we’re on the bizarre boho train now, and loving every second of it.