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Kim and Kanye’s 60 Million Dollar Home


Whether you love or hate Kim and Kanye you can’t deny that you know exactly who they are. All controversies aside they’re a pretty stylish duo these days and people all over the world obsess over their fashion choices. Clearly, they’ve got good taste, so when we first got a glimpse of their home on social media we were all very intrigued. It started with Kanye sharing a snap of their home on Twitter and Kim joking “Ummm babe. We had a rule to not show our home on social media! Soooo can we now allow KUWTK filming in the home?”

Since then they’ve been more and more willing to show off their home, from snapping selfies and sharing stories on Instagram to actually filming a video with Vogue in it and showcasing photos of their home in Architectural Digest.

Kim and Kanye’s house is minimalist, to say the least. Everything is white or beige and it must be pretty difficult to keep it looking as pristine as it is in the photos when you have four kids. But Kim jokes that she just runs around with towels. At the end of the day you just have to take a deep breath and accept that accidents will happen, they knew what they were signing up for when they chose to have light colors.

They bought their home for $20 million and then spent an additional $20 million renovating and transforming it. They hired a Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt who’s known for his distinctive style to help them make a house into a home of their dreams. Kayne even said that when he saw the kind of work Axel was doing he thought this man could design Batman’s house and he just had to work with him.

The clean and modern look of their house has been described as stunning and gorgeous by fans on social media, yet some find it horrifying and creepy because of how sparse and empty it is. The almost Spartan approach to decoration is definitely something we haven’t seen in celebrity houses before. It definitely works as a perfect backdrop for photo shoots, but how do they actually live there? Are the kids ok with this? Does their house actually always look like this?


Kim and Kanye say that while they know their home looks unusual they did actually plan it around their family. They’re not fanatical about keeping it perfect at all times and kids definitely get to play wherever they want. Apparently, they especially love using the floating stone table as a stage for their games and childish performances.

Kids also love to ride their scooters in the long empty hallways. When you think about it, it makes sense, when there’s nothing there – there’s nothing for kids to break or accidentally hurt themselves with. They’ve also made sure to build the house in a way that doesn’t need baby-proofing. Everything has softened rounded edges, from walls to furniture.

Speaking of furniture, everything designed by Axel has a soft curved edge to it or is covered in a soft cloth material. Kim says that their soft couches and chairs are covered in this cotton layer that makes it really easy to clean too.

They also have a room solely dedicated to gargantuan, a soft sculpture that looks like a mix between a creature and a collection of soft bean bags fashioned by artist Isabel Rower. When asked if it’s there for kids to play or just as a piece of art Kanye said that everything they do in their home is both an art installation and a playroom.

All in all, the more you look at their home the more you see what they were going for. A house with minimal distractions, something that looks clean and spacious, something that will make you feel calm and urge you to create.