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10 Cool Father’s Day Gifts For All Types Of Dads


Finding the perfect gift for your Dad is no easy task. Every year the question arises – what would make him happy? You’re done buying stuff that simply collects dust on the shelf and you want your gift to make a difference. In order to do that you’ll have to think what your dad really likes to do, what’s his daily routine and what are his most favourite hobbies. As easy as it sounds, picking the best Father’s Day gift can become a really challenge. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 cool Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads.
Retro Bluetooth Artisan Keyboard
If your Dad is a bit of a tech geek, he’ll be on cloud nine when you present him with this cool-looking retro-style Bluetooth keyboard. It looks and feels simply amazing!

Digital Tape Measure
If your Dad is crazy about construction and seems to always be in the middle of some renovations, then a digital tape measure is exactly what he needs. It’s exceptionally hand with memory storage!


Water-Repellent Rucksack
If your Dad travels a lot or simply likes to spend time outdoors, a water-repellent rucksack will become his new most favourite thing. It will keep all his possessions safe and dry – what else would you want from a rucksack?

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool
A cool multitool is every man’s dream come true. There’s literally not a guy in this world who wouldn’t like to have one! Make your Dad happy and buy him this awesome collection of tools. Don’t worry if he already has one – this multitool will definitely be way more cooler!

Smartwatch Falster 2 Black Silicone
Some dads are crazy about new gadgets, while others couldn’t care less. If yours is a huge tech lover, then do ahead and present him this sleek smartwatch that has activity tracking, GPS, a heart rate monitor, and much more!

Series 7 Shaver
Guys like fancy shavers and your Dad is no exception! He’ll probably never buy one for himself, that’s why you should totally do it for him.


Originals SX-70 Land Camera
It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Polaroid camera, but your Dad must still remember the days when there were no digital cams – only film ones and Polaroid. He’ll be happy to click some picks and have them read in an instant.


Nomad Turntable
Back to the good old days of jazz, rock-n-roll, and vinyl music! Your Dad may be into the whole digital music thing, but nothing can quite compare with the sound of an old vinyl record. If he has a collection of his own, you should definitely think about gifting him this portable turntable.

Rechargeable lantern
A rechargeable lantern is one of those things that always comes in handy, whether your Dad is more of a home guy rather than an adventure-seeker. It’s just beyond useful!


P300 Pico Projector
Because he’s a huge movie fan and dreams about having his own mini movie theatre. Well, you can make this dream come true! All you need is one portable projector and some snacks for a perfect movie night.