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10 Habits of Highly Successful Women


Being a woman in any business is tough – you always feel like you’re competing with the boys and being talked down to. But as women, we need to support each other and share our secrets of success in order to keep climbing that career ladder. Here are some of our favorite tips.



1. They always put themselves in a position of constant learning, with a high value put on education. If you see yourself as knowing it all or having the secret to success, you might miss something that could further your self-growth immensely.


2. They persevere and don’t give up. When being bullied in the workspace or with no chance of a promotion on the horizon, it can be hard to push yourself forward. But authors like JK Rowling who were poverty-ridden, single moms taught us that perseverance can turn you into an icon.

3. They share and lift up other women in the community. Being cutthroat and burning bridges unnecessarily doesn’t lead to success, it leads to your downfall. Advocating for other women and sharing your opportunities leads to a loving, supportive community.



4. They always make the bed in the morning. Even through busy days, this provides a sense of tiny accomplishment with is a great way to tackle the day ahead with confident feeling of positive invincibility.

5. They act with mindfulness. Successful women don’t start the day scrolling through their smartphones. They might to breathing exercises, meditation, and focus on their gratitude and set intentions for the day.


6. They set achievable goals and follow through with them. Setting goals can be overwhelming but not when you do it right! After setting small goals becomes a habit, the bigger ones become a breeze too.

7. They stay organized, and their planner is their bible. Making lists, and staying scheduled and organized is a crucial and very primary step for success.

8. They challenge themselves every day and don’t live in fear. Every day is a chance to overcome an obstacle, and successful women know this. Not being afraid of getting over hurdles is one of the best skills you can have.


9. They mix it up. Trying something new is key if you don’t want to get stuck in a rut, and trying something new takes you out of your comfort zone, by nature. This will help you believe in yourself instead of underestimating yourself, when it comes to new ventures.

10. They never compare themselves to other successful women – they just look to them for inspiration and as role models. Women aren’t competition – they’re your sisters, and we’re on the same team. But maybe on different paths.