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10 Healthy Habits Better Than A Diet


It’s easy to fall into the fad diets that seem to grace celebrity magazines every day. And while they might make you look fabulous in time for new year’s, they don’t have any lasting effects which help you maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Adopt these habits instead and thrive for the rest of your life!



1. Try to walk 10,000 steps each day. Apps on your smartphone can help monitor how many steps you take. Try taking an after dinner stroll to aid digestion, and opt for walking or biking to work instead of driving or taking transit.



2. Get your 8 hours of sleep! Beauty sleep is a thing, and when you get less than the optimal amount, you can open yourself up to weight gain and a ton of other problems.


3. Drink water and stay hydrated as much as you can. 8 glasses is optimal, but we understand that’s not realistic for every lifestyle. Instead, try drinking as much plain water as you can, and when you need to, spice it up with citrus slices, fruits, or infusions.



4. Always opt for steamed or baked food instead of fried. While indulging in that extra large fries from McDonalds is fine once in a while, eating steamed and baked is way healthier for your weight, cholesterol, and skin. Baked fries taste surprisingly good!


5. Portion control your food. If you eat a small amount of the junk food you’re craving, you’re less likely to binge eat it later. The same goes for dinner and your other meals. Try to keep your food groups to a reasonable portion at meal time, and your waistline will thank you.




6. Cook at home more instead of eating out at restaurants. This helps you out financially as well as physically. Restaurants are costly, and they’re also full of hidden fats and calories. When cooking at home, you know exactly what’s going into your food, and how it’s being cooked.


7. Try eating organic when you can. We understand that this may be considered a luxury for some, but you can start with growing a couple of veggies or herbs on your own! With the GMO filled world that we live in today, organic food is a valuable and essential commodity.


8. Master volume eating instead of carbo loading. Volume eating is when you load up on fibrous fruits and veggies, satiating your stomach without overeating. A massive bowl of kale with yummy dressing is way more filling than a couple of pizza slices.



9. Replace saturated fats with unsaturated ones. This means throwing out your gross chips and pop tarts, and loading up on your omega 3s. Pack your fridge with avocados, salmon, and nuts. Fish taco night with guac? Yes, please.


10. Don’t watch TV or go on your phone when eating meals. Turning off technology helps your brain recognize when you’re becoming full, but watching TV or mindlessly scrolling during meals prevents your brain from recognizing that, which leads to overeating. Mindful eating means a healthy brain and gut.