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10 Popular New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Follow Through on Them)


New Years Resolutions are popular, but the follow-through isn’t. It’s all about baby steps and knowing your limitations. It’s also about figuring out how to focus priorities and balance attention between work, life, and resolutions. And of course, ask your community around you for as much support as possible.



1. Lose weight
In this goal, it’s essential not to beat yourself and start working out for 3 hours a day so that you can look like a fitness model in under a month. The new year has you excited for a new body, but all goals to do with the body take time and can’t be treated as a fad. Start by replacing treats with veggies and fruits.



2. Spend less and save more
This is often a grand goal that people have but find difficulty accomplishing. Start by saving receipts and organizing them at the end of each month to see where most of your resources are going. Eat at home instead of restaurants, which also makes a big difference.


3. Work out more
Stick to your last goal and instead of spending on expensive studio workouts, download a fitness app and invest in at home materials like resistance bands and weights. However, create a daily 10 minute daily routine to avoid that “I’ll go to the gym more”, vague non resolution.



4. Quit smoking
Don’t pressure yourself to go cold turkey. Instead, take baby steps like trying out a nicotine patch, a vaporizer, or reducing your number of smokes per day.


5. Read more books
Follow through by reading a short, manageable book once a week, which progress in difficulty level, i.e from summer beach book to a more nuanced and cerebral piece. If you start with The Da Vinci Code, of course you won’t finish it – be realistic, first and foremost.




6. Become more organized
This can seem daunting, especially for messy folks. You can start by organizing with post its on the wall and setting small clean up goals, like washing dishes every night, or making sure you don’t leave clothing on the floor.


7. Travel more
People are intimidated because they fear they can’t take time off, afford a vacation, or go somewhere exotic enough. Spend a weekend in Mexico or even a nearby beach or mountain town instead of flying to a safari in Africa or strutting the streets of London.


8. Be more spontaneous
Going out of your comfort zone is scary, and being spontaneous can be anything. Some might think that just equates to skydiving, but it can be something as small as asking out your crush on a date, or going to a fancy restaurant by yourself.



9. Learn a new skill or take on a new hobby
You don’t have to climb to the top of a mountain or complete a marathon – this can be as simple as signing up for a local art or knitting class. Start small and in your community.


10. Get more sleep
Set a nightly bed time and prep for it 30 minutes ahead with a reading session, a hot bath, or both. Set a no screen time for this period, and set your alarm clock to eight hours after you wake up – sleeping in on Saturdays doesn’t count!