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10 Wedding Trends to Wow Your Guests in 2019


2019 is definitely the year of the wedding – everyone seems to be getting engaged, and with that, the ante for wedding design has really been upped. Here are what the coolest brides are opting for in 2019.



1. Coral
Say hello to Pantone’s color of 2019. This pinky orange is a sunset in the tropics inspired look that’s cheery but still elegant. From cakes to bridesmaids dresses to floral arrangement, expect to see this color everywhere.



2. A scented wedding
This might sound strange, but smells are the top way that we store memory. Scent and candles, in the right context, create a romantic and memorable experience that guests will reminisce on for decades to come.


3. Simplicity
Today, it’s all about understated beauty, inspired by none other than Duchess Markle herself.



4. Indoor foliage
Bringing the outdoors in will be a popular theme for weddings in 2019. Employ lush greenery for an organic vibe that takes center stage but holds onto a natural and romantic look.


5. Eco-Conscious Theme
Instead of choosing some garish and tacky theme that makes guest roll their eyes, go with a sustainable and conscious choice with locally sourced ingredients, sustainable dresses, and foam free flower arrangements.




6. Invites with illustrations
Many couples are opting out of the boring e-vite and instead choosing to decorate their wedding stationary with personalized hand-drawn designs, either by them, a loved one, or a hired illustrator.


7. Grass arches
Conventional floral arches are being replaced by arches made of grass. Pampas grass in particular is very romantic and gives a bohemian aesthetic with a neutral color palette.


8. Alternative wedding stones
Diamonds might be the traditional choice for a wedding ring, but women are provided to want a range of alternative center stones, as inspired by Princess Eugenie’s rare pink Padparadscha sapphire ring. Something like that really sets you apart from the crowd.



9. Neon signs
This very Instagrammable trend puts a contemporary twist on wedding signage that we love. This electrifying trend can range from a simple monogram to a lovey-dovey slogan.


10. Smoke bombs
This trend is also colorful, and a way to inject a dreamy rainbow of color into your celebrations. Besides making photos look cool. They can accent outdoor ceremonies and go off at moments like the couple’s first kiss.