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11 (Ayurveda) Health Secrets from Ancient India


Ayurvedic medicine and the healing secrets of ancient India house some of the most potent wellness formulas in the world. It is thousands of years old, and one of the oldest surviving holistic healing systems ever to exist. Incorporate it in your life for better health and longevity.



1. Try to avoid sleeping with your head facing north and legs facing south – most other sleeping positions are fine for the most part.



2. When you do wake, rise with the sun! If you sleep by 10:00, this should be easy.


3. Oil therapy to beautify hair and skin. An Ayurvedic oil treatment can rewind aging and prom one elastic youthfulness which purifies skin and promotes a clear skin. Oil pulling (swishing oil in the mouth) is also a good detox measure.



4. Live by a diet that is balanced and full of vegetables. Don’t eat out and avoid drinking alcohol – home cooked veggies and lots of water is the way to go.


5. Incorporated lots of turmeric and saffron to your body, which helps your complexion grow and brightens your look for unbeatable radiance.




6. Apply coconut oil religiously to skin and body. It acts as a natural moisturizer and keeps skin supple for a long time.


7. Incorporate breathing exercises (otherwise known as Pranayama), yoga, and meditation into your daily routine. This is a form of exercise and also promotes mindfulness and overall awareness.



8. Tongue scraping. Probably not the sexiest thing on this list, but it removes bacteria and toxin better than a toothbrushing session. Taste buds which are covered in bacteria makes it hard to taste food and results in overeating,


9. Along with herbal treatments, eat a high concentration of herbs such as neem and roots like cardamom, cumin and ginger, which promotes digestion and manage bloating.



10. When it comes to your three meals a day, eat your largest meal at lunch. When the sun is at its highest point, our digestive fire is at its peak. This occurs around 1pm. Now, this doesn’t mean hitting the buffet, just adjusting the size of breakfast and dinner accordingly.


11. Instead of overloading on salt and sugar, use the 6 Ayurvedic “tastes” in every meal. These are: bitter, pungent, sour, sweet and salty. You can use this with an Ayurvedic spice blend containing mustard, coriander, ginger, cayenne, and cinnamon.