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11 Best Movies to Watch with Mom on Mother’s Day



Tired of stressing about the perfect way to celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day? You have probably spent countless hours trying to a way to honor one of, if not the, most important person in your life. Well, chances are your mother would be happy with just spending time with you, and maybe even going back to a simpler time in life. Try taking a load off this year, and planning a fun movie night with your mom as one of the activities for her celebration. Stock up on the snacks and your favorite blanket, and check out the 11 best movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day.



Mamma Mia
This musical starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, who play mother and daughter, is the perfect feel good movie to kick off Mother’s Day movie night.


If there’s any anxiety between you and your mother, Monster-in-Law is a good movie to ease the tension with this comedy making fun of the strained relationship with moms and in-laws.



Starring Uma Thurman as a confident but naïve young mother with a kid’s birthday to plan, this film will show your mom you care about understanding just how hard being a mother really is.


Cheaper by the Dozen
A remake of the 1950’s classic, Cheaper by the Dozen is great to watch with mom, as this movie shows just how important moms are to holding down to fort.


If you and your mom are both dog lovers, then Benji should be top of the movie night binge list. Benji saves two kids, goes on an unforgettable journey and gives all the warm fuzzies you’d expect from a dog movie.



Fun Mom Dinner
A little risqué for kids, Fun Mom Dinner is the perfect flick to cut loose and let the laughs roll in with adult kids and their moms.



Mother’s Day
Spoiler alert from the title: this movie is perfect to watch with your mom on Mother’s Day! This film follows the tumultuous lives of four different mom’s leading up to their special day.


Mothers and Daughters
A close-up look at the special relationship between mothers and their daughters, this film is a great transition into learning and understanding more about your mom and the bond you two share.


Bad Moms
Doing what all moms have probably felt like doing at one point in life, the moms in this movie decide they are tired of being perfect and are going to accept the imperfection of motherhood. Any mom would feel a sense of relief watching this guilty pleasure on her special day.


Little Women
This classic is always worth revisiting, especially on Mother’s Day. This film about mothers and daughters fending for themselves in the post-Civil War era will make you laugh, cry and everything in-between.



Because I Said So
This heartfelt movie starring Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore – about a mom who wants her daughter to find a boyfriend – will give you goosebumps, tears, and plenty of laughs.