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12 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Life


As human beings, we are prone to give into our vices and bad habits. It’s hard to be virtuous all the time, but there are some serious pitfalls that are worth avoiding. Try to cut at least one of these behaviors from your lifestyle and let yourself flourish. After all, practice makes perfect!


1. Not eating breakfast
There are plenty of healthy breakfast options which are portable to boot. Try an oatmeal and Greek yogurt parfait, or meal prep sandwiches and salads.


2. Eating too much junk food
If your breakfast is a bottle of Coke or some Doritos, this is a similar negative behavioral pattern. Your morning starts the day – it should be balanced and provide energy, so try some raw soaked oats and chia seeds with fruit instead.



3. Watching too much TV
Yes, we sound like your mother, but Netflix binging to an unhealthy extent makes us overall lazier, is scientifically proven to bring on memory loss faster, and stops you from engaging in activities. Cap it at two hours a day and carpe diem!


4. Smoking
Ok, we still sound like your mother. However, noting beats good ol’ research with stats like 30% of heart disease deaths are caused by smoking, and accounts for over 33% of all cancer deaths. It’s one of the hardest habits to break, so there’s no shame in vaping to wean off.

5. Too much drinking
There are way too many functional alcoholics out there, and people need to understand that over drinking can cause serious depression, cancer, liver damage, high blood pressure, and some cancers.


6. Not putting on sunscreen
Getting sunburned too option seriously ages your skin, destroying elastic fibers in the skin and heightening chances for skin cancer and wrinkles. Invest in that high SPF and look young forever, while bumping up that life span.




7. Too much time on the phone.
This is similar to the TV point, but this is drastically worse for your eyes and eats up time more than TV tends to. Take breaks and active measures towards more physical activities – even bowling counts!


8. Wearing bad shoes too often
This can range from your old sneakers that are a size too small, or maybe you wear those cute stilettos a little too much. When you’re old and suffering from osteoporosis, you won’t care about how you looked more chic than Karen on a Tuesday morning. Save em’ for special occasions and opt for ballet flats.

9. Spending too much time with haters.
Those who see life with a pessimistic or naysayer attitude. They don’t just tear down your own goals and ambitions, they make us feel bad about ourselves and can’t stop gossiping around others. Spending time with supportive communities is more effective in the long run.


10. Indulging in too much red meat
Eating too many steaks or hot dogs can increase chances of lung, pancreatic, endometrial and colorectal cancers as well as a boatload of other avoidable illnesses. Try a fish taco night.



11. Being a doormat in relationships
If you don’t take control of your own life and start seeing yourself as a being that deserves respect and care, you’ll be wasting a lot of time with people who aren’t soulmate or friend material.


12. Being late all the time
This might be a big pet peeve that people around you have, but it also makes you personally feel in chaos and disorganized lots of the time. If you spend your life playing catch up and starting every meet-up with an apology, you might want to practice being too early instead of too late.