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12 Cold and Flu Home Remedies


When you’re sick, medicine like NyQuil only puts off symptoms instead of dealing with the root of the problem instead of surface issues. These natural remedies have been used for centuries and are proven to boost the immune system.



1. Oregano oil. Healers have been using this since ancient times to treat flus, colds, and other respiratory issues such as coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats. P73 Oregano is the ideal oil supplement.


2. Invest in Echinacea. This natural herbal supplement is kind of like a homeopathic version of Emergen-C with additional feel-good benefits for your body inside and out.



3. Gargle with salt water or rinse your nose through a Neti pot. This act of rinsing with salt water breaks up congestion and gets rid of bacteria and viruses that are hanging out in your nose.


4. Drink lots of hot tea at night. This soothes nasal congestion and those annoying inflamed membranes lining the throat and nose.

5. If you don’t have tea on hand, load honey, ginger and lemon into hot water, all of which will give your body a vitamin boost and help to relieve a sore threat.


6. Eat chili peppers, blueberries, and onions, which all work to clear infections, pain, and inflammation.




7. Place a clove of garlic in your back molars. Bite down very softly until the garlic cracks and you can suck out the juice inside. Not the most pleasant remedy, but one of the most effective.


8. Invest in a good humidifier, and place eucalyptus essential oils within it to help decongest that stuffy nose. It’s better than Vicks VapoRub!

9. Make probiotics your best friend – they’re essentially good bacteria and yeast that naturally occur in our bodies, as well as some supplements and foods. Adding in a probiotic yogurt is a great prevention tactic and shortens the duration of sickness.


10. Take a warm bath, and throw in a hefty dose of Epsom salts, baking soda, and tea tree or rosemary oil. This will have a soothing effect, help you sweat out the sickness, and reduces aches as well as other cold and flu symptoms.



11. Zinc pills. Since 1984, studies have been conducted about the effects of zinc on those with colds and flus. It can reduce the length of a cold, especially when taken in the beginning. However, it’s not for everyone so it’s best to talk with your doctor beforehand.


12. Drink as much Vitamin C via orange juice as possible without giving yourself diarrhea. If the burn is too acidic for your throat, take Vitamin C supplements instead.