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12 Cool Gadgets Every Woman Should Have in 2019


With the busy lifestyle that us ladies lead, having the latest tech can be a life saver by automating our everyday processes. Whether you are the tech-savvy guru of your crew, or the nature-loving, off-the-grid type, the latest gadgets can come in handy when you least expect it. 2019 has already seen the advancement in technology soar with tons of new gadgets released for the modern woman. Check out these top 12 gadgets every woman should have in 2019.



Crosley Radio Portable Turntable
Channeling the vintage flavor into new technology, portable turntables allow you to transport yourself back to the old school days with an innovative smart-device enabled twist.



iHome Vanity Mirror w/ Speaker
Want to amp up your morning beauty regimen? This gorgeous vanity mirror with built-in speakers is the perfect way to put some pep in your step before starting your day.

Koala Tablet Wall Mount
After the hard work of the day is over and time to sit back, relax and binge on Netflix, a wall mount for your tablet will ensure you literally don’t have to lift a finger.



Amazon Echo Dot
The latest Alexa-enabled device from Amazon is even more sophisticated than before, both in features and design.

Xenvo Camera Lens Pro
If you are serious about your smart device-powered Instagram game, this wide-angle lens kit is a must-have. Compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices, this gadget’s hand LED light also charges through your phone’s earphone jack.




Meyoung Portable Projector
Who doesn’t love outdoor movie night on the green with the gang? This nifty little projector just made it a little bit easier, and is compatible with laptops, smartphones and a plethora of other devices.

Bagsmart Travel Tech Organizer
Nothing is more annoying and cumbersome than having to dig around in your bag for cables and cords. Up your organization skills with this gadget and never lose that coveted charger cord again.



Ocean Wave Light Projector
Bring on the good vibes and positive atmosphere to your home with this light-emitting Bluetooth speaker.

Kodak Portable Photo Printer
While sharing your gorgeous photos on social media provides an instant surge of gratification, there’s nothing like an old fashion, hard copy print to make you appreciate an image. This Android and Apple-enable printer lets you go old school with photo printing in classic 4×6.



Mophie Wireless Charge Pad
Instead of fumbling with countless charging cords that eventually go bad or missing, give this wireless charge pad a try and watch life get so much easier.

Fitbit Charge HR
Not only will this smart watch track your steps and daily exercise, it provides a full scope on fitness by monitoring heart rate, logged foods, sleep quality and more.



Wyze Wireless Smart Home Camera
Staying safe is a big priority for any woman, and this wireless home camera puts home monitoring in the palm of your hand. Enable to work with Alexa with all live footage accessible through the Wyze app, you can ensure your home is safe from anywhere in the world.