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12 Signs You’re the Annoying One in Your Friend Group


No one wants to see themselves as having faults that need to be changed – but unfortunately we all fall into moments that we’re not conscious of. Here are some signs that you might be frustrating the rest of your friend group more than you know.

1. You take a long time to respond to text messages or pick up your phone, or sometimes just blow them off entirely. If you have your read receipts on, this is especially annoying.

2. You always have an issue that you feel you need to share with the group. No one likes a constant complainer!

3. You only talk about yourself and don’t frequently ask the other person how they are doing. It’s a one sided situation when it comes to advice or venting, and that can be pretty frustrating for the other part.

4. You hate going to the bathroom alone and always ask someone else to come with you, sometimes throwing attitude if your friend won’t. It might not come across as obvious for you, but it might be a little irritating for them – give ‘em space!

5. On drunken nights out, you tend to need a babysitting. Maybe you’re always getting into a fight with your boyfriend, or you always fall down and get blackout drunk.

6. When it comes to events and parties, no one really gives you that much responsibilities, and usually asks you to bring you chips or utensils, or the food that no one eats. This means that they don’t find you reliable.


7. You’re always talking poorly about yourself and in a self-deprecating manner, especially your appearance. This isn’t only a bummer to be around, but people with low confidence have a negative energy to them. Work on that self-esteem and it’ll show socially!

8. They don’t invite you out that much anymore. This might seem shady to you, but think about it for a moment and check your behavior to see where you may have made a mistake.

9. Group conversations seem to dwindle when you approach, which is awkward and means that they were either talking about you, or are having a chat they don’t want you to be a part of.

10. You flake out on important events like weddings, showers, and birthdays. Of course, we all have schedule conflicts at time, but being regularly unsupportive is not cool.

11. You’re always asking to borrow money, or are always complaining about how expensive things are, convincing your friends to go get pizza and do the free stuff. Don’t be a mooch, and decline the invite if a night is too expensive.

12. You don’t often compromise or negotiate with friends – it’s either your way or the highway, which isn’t what friendship is about. Give a little and you’ll get a little, right?