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12 Things No Woman Should Have To Apologize For



Women statistically apologize more than men. Does this mean that we do more things wrong or that we actually have more to apologize for? No. It’s just that for centuries we were not allowed to do a lot of things and were taught to feel guilty for stepping out of line. These days we have more rights, more opportunities and we’d like to think we’re on the way to equality, but old habits die hard and we still have days where we act like Vanya from the Umbrella Academy and feel the need to apologize for everything. Let’s put a stop to this. Sure, if you’ve hurt someone or were rude or did something wrong – you should apologize. But here are 12 thinks no woman should have to apologize for.



1. Saying NO
It’s weird how hard it can sometimes be to say no. And not only to a date, but to a friend asking a favor, a colleague asking to help with some work, to all sort of requests. Sometimes we agree to things because we feel like doing whatever is asked of us is easier than saying no. But saying no to something you don’t want to do is fine, and you shouldn’t feel guilty or want to apologize for it.


2. Turning Down A Date
If you don’t want to go out with someone you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. You’re not friendzoning anyone, that’s a made up concept. You’re not letting anyone down. You’re just being honest and that’s nothing to be sorry about.



3. Putting Yourself First
Women are generally very empathetic so when someone feels bad or asks for their help we come running. But remember you can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself first. So remember that you should always put yourself first and that’s fine.


4. Loving Your Body
Stop apologizing for being too big or too skinny or too whatever. It’s your body and you should love it no matter what. It’s not bad to want to improve it, but you definitely shouldn’t be sorry for loving it the way it is at any moment.


5. For What You Wear
It doesn’t matter if you like dressing as a tomboy or prefer dresses and heels, chances are you’ll still find people who will tell you you’re doing something wrong and you’ll feel like apologizing either for dressing “too sexy” or for “not dressing like a lady”. Well you shouldn’t be sorry, it’s your clothes, your body and your choice.


6. Choosing What To Eat
A lot of the time we feel like we should go for something super healthy like a salad when we’re out for a meal, because women are “supposed to” always watch what they eat. But listen, if you want a burger or a brownie you go for it and don’t feel the need to apologize.




7. Your Relationship Status
Have you ever felt the need to say “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”? Well you shouldn’t be sorry about that. Just as you shouldn’t be sorry for being single. We know how awkward it is to get questions like “How come you’re single”. Just let people know it’s none of their business.


8. Your Career Plan
Just because you want a career over children doesn’t mean you should feel the need to apologize. If that’s what you want – you should be proud of it. It’s your life to live and your choices to make. Contrary to some people’s belief having children is not a must for all women.


9. Being A Mother
On the other hand, if you’ve chosen to have kids and become a full time mother – that’s nothing to be ashamed of either. We all have our goals and all of them are equally right and important. Nothing to be sorry about.


10. Being Proud Of Your Achievements
Don’t apologize for being successful and earning more than someone else, or even your partner, don’t say it’s just luck and being at the right time at the right place. You made it happen and you’re the maker of your success, be proud of it.



11. Having Emotions
We all have emotions, we’re not robots. It’s ok to feel sad sometimes or feel angry. You shouldn’t feel sorry or like you’ve let people down just because you’re not feeling your best or aren’t cheerful enough some days.


12. Expressing Your Sexuality
Sometimes it might feel like women aren’t allowed to be sexual beings. If men have a one night stand they’re congratulated for it, if women do – it’s something shameful. Don’t fall for that. As long as everything is consensual and you had fun – enjoy it, and own it. Don’t be sorry.