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14 Cute Newborn Animals To Brighten Your Day


This year is turning out to be pretty weird and honestly very stressful on many levels. And while it’s important to keep up with the news and be on top of all current events, sometimes you just need to chill, destress and hear something good, or you know, see something that will make you smile. Which is why we compiled a whole bunch of cute newborn animal pictures for you. You can never see too many cute photos of kittens or puppies, but we’re sure some of these will surprise you and we’re pretty sure there are some that you’ve never seen before.

1. Baby Giraffe

Baby giraffes are the cutest and you can’t argue with that. Giraffes, in general, are quite cute but as babies, they’re just so precious.

2. Baby Swans

Did you know that baby swans are gray and super fluffy? Then they have to go through some seriously awkward teen phase before they become majestic adults.

3. Baby Chameleon

Look how freaking tiny they are. They’re smaller than a finger, in fact, they’re smaller than your fingerprint.

4. Baby Silvered Leaf Monkey

It’s interesting that some animals look very different as babies. Silvered leaf monkeys, for example, are born bright orange. Is that so that the mom would never lose sight of them?

5. Baby Skunk

The cutest little stinkers ever, quite literally. But once you see them as babies they kind of steal a small part of your heart, don’t they?

6. Baby Seal

Seals are just so cute as babies, all fluffy and adorable and those massive black eyes can melt the coldest of hearts.

7. Baby Red Panda

Red pandas have to be among the most adorable animals on this planet like they already look like they’re not real and are a cartoon character, but as babies, they’re even less real.


8. Baby Fox

Can you believe in some parts of the world foxes are considered to be pests? The cutest pests ever, don’t you think?

9. Baby Octopus

How are these weird slimy creatures so cute? Would you dare hold one or would you be too freaked out?

10. Baby Racoon

These little thieves will steal your food and your heart all at once. Those little paws are so human-like it’s insane.

11. Baby Meerkats

Have you seen newborn meerkats before? Also, does this make you think of that commercial with meerkats too?

12. Baby Otters

Otters and their little hands are just out of this world. Now let’s all take a minute to compare them to photos of Benedict Cumberbatch.

13. Baby Eastern Quoll

Do you even know what this is? These furry little cuties are carnivorous marsupials that live in Australia. But it’s hard to imagine it as a carnivore when it’s so cute.

14. Baby Reindeer

Not all baby reindeer are fully white but we had to pick the cutest one for you. Look how perfect this baby reindeer is.