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14 Reasons Your 30s Are Better Than Your 20s


A lot of the time, people in their 20s stress out about ‘getting old’ in their 30s. Little do they know, the 30s come with less stress, less caring what people think, and more of a handle on this whole adulting thing.
1. You begin to embrace and embody your true beauty. Your sexiness now comes from wisdom and experience rather than a doe-eyed innocence. Embrace those smile lines and stray gray hairs because they’re what make you so gorgeous!

2. You have a stronger sense of self and don’t take anyone’s petty drama – from men or friends. You’re not afraid to be different, or be alone, and you live by the mentality of doin’ you.

3. You’re more goal oriented and not just focused on being skinny or having a boyfriend. You have a shift of thinking that reveals your most ambitious, least procrastinating self, and it’s amazing.


4. Your idea of a good time has shifted from going out to the club at midnight to throwing on some sweatpants and being in bed by nine. Priorities have shifted, and Friday night just got a whole lot less expensive.

5. You choose better romantic partners and are in healthier relationships .In your 20s, you put up with games and boys. In your 30s, you move onto maturity, men, and the possibility of a future. You can look past a supermodel and see husband potential.

6. You spend less recklessly, so at this point, you have a little money to spend. Well, a little more than in the last decade. Here, your paycheck doesn’t automatically go to debt, but allows you to treat yourself once in a while.

7. You don’t drink to get sloshed, you drink to actually enjoy the taste of a glass of wine and not wake up with a monumental hangover the next day.

8. You don’t have to live with a roommate anymore. And you might even be able to afford a house cleaner, once in a while!


9. You’ve started cooking, and a lot of the meals are *gasp* healthy! Gone are the days of ordering pizza, Taco Bell, and other gross takeout that your mom would be mad about. Now, a fun Sunday activity is meal-prepping for the week or having a DIY taco night at home with friends.

10. You value your health more than being cheap. In your 30s, you start to workout more, take care of your skin, and eat healthier choices because you realize that it’s less about what you can get away with, and more about feeling good while you do it.


11. You find that you’re less of a vain human being than you were in your 20s. We all had different values back then, and a lot of them were pretty shallow. You could have never imagined the day you’d go to the store in PJs and pimple cream when the hot shop boy was there, but here we are.

12. You’ve started to feel the wonderful emotion that is nostalgia. That look back at your past self that makes you giggle, and also makes you realize how far you’ve come since then.


13. Your friend group has become smaller, but much more concrete. They’re true, loyal, and know your personality inside and out rather than your party dress rotation and what your favorite cocktail is.

14. You’ve actually learned from your mistakes in the past decade, and now you know better. It translates to better nights out, quicker bad days, and less acne.