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15 Things Only Rebellious Girls Understand


A rebellious girl isn’t just one who breaks the rules. She’s one who sets her own and lives life to the maximum, regardless of what magazine and the media dictate to her. The beauty of a rebellious girl is that she’s a fighter and a flower all in one.



1. It’s hard to find a man who isn’t intimidated by an assertive woman. Some might even call you unapproachable. As the old saying goes, strong women scare boys, but they excite men.


2. You’ve never really fit in with the herd. This goes for style, interests, and music. You’re just an alternative kind of gal that goes against the mainstream, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


3. You’re not one of those ladies that’s paranoid about her age being outed. You wear your years proudly like a badge of honor, grateful for the wisdom that you gain as you get older.



4. If someone asks you to smile, you’ve probably said something rude in response, or at the bare minimum, given them a “no.”


5. You’re rarely the meek wallflower in a room. Your presence is a bold warrior shout, not a quiet whisper. People that know you well appreciate you for your fiery and brazen personality.


6. You don’t follow what our patriarchal society tells you to eat, or how much they pressure you to work out. You do what makes you feel good, and don’t feel guilty for any of the pleasures.


7. You reject expectations of what your life should be, refusing to compare your life to social media feeds. Instead, you live apologetically with every decision, living each day like it could be your last.


8. You get extremely fired up when you have to engage with men who feel the need to man-plain things to you, or have generally misogynistic attitudes towards women and find them to be weak.




9. You don’t live in the shadow of your past, but you believe in learning from your past mistakes as opposed to erasing or being ashamed of them.


10. When you’re single, you’re not complaining about how lonely you are – in fact, it excites you. You understand that being on your own is a valuable time and experience where you get to know yourself and have unlimited freedom.


11. You might have lost some friends along the way and burned some bridges, but that’s because you understand the power of confidence and self-love in the face of negative toxicity.


12. You wear your battle scars with pride like a badass – you never try to hide any supposed flaws, physical, or mental, because it’s a map of the journeys you have lived through, and the fights that you’ve weathered.


13. You’re not a fan of being judgmental towards other women. Women that compete and tear each other down aren’t your cup of tea – you prefer to let people make their own choices and live the lifestyle they want without throwing labels on them.



14. You wouldn’t consider yourself “ladylike” and most people probably wouldn’t consider you to be either. You might not be domestic or know the best etiquette, but you’re always you, and that counts for something.


15. You’re not afraid to make a major life change at the snap of a finger. You don’t just passively sit by and watch if life isn’t going the way you want it, you do something about it!