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6 Best Small Business Ideas for Women


As women, we are used to juggling many things at once and being good at it. And with today’s growing cost of living, it is necessary for a lot of women to take on part time jobs, find side hustles, or even open up their own small businesses. But with our aptitude for wearing a multitude of interpersonal hats – from being a mother, sister, friend, or partner – it can sometimes be difficult to hone in on achieving our business goals. If you’re looking for high-yielding streams of income that will be worth the investment – as well as fit into your busy schedule – look no further than this list of 6 best small business ideas for women.



Sell homemade products on Etsy
If you have the creative streak, making unique crafts and products to sell on Etsy is a perfect side gig. By starting an e-store on this leading online hub for home décor, artsy crafts and homemade gifts, you are bound to find a niche target audience that will love whatever your creativity and imagination can fathom.




Become a travel agent
Who wouldn’t want to get discounts on travel and get paid to help others travel too? Working as a travel agent is the perfect job if you want to work from home, and get big perks in the process. Some travel agents get up to 75% off everything from hotels, cruises, vacation packages, theme parks and more.


Start a photography business

If you have become the designated amateur photographer for all of your family gatherings and friend groups, chances are you have probably gotten pretty good at it over the years. With a decent investment in camera equipment, plenty of practice and maybe a couple of professional classes, you could start a very lucrative business as a photographer. Start building your portfolio and clientele with loved ones, friends and coworkers.





Help others achieve their business goals as a virtual assistant
Gone are the days when a secretarial job was only low-paying and sometimes even negatively stigmatized. Tons of people are jumping on the trend of this traditional role’s digital counterpart, as virtual assistants, and making more money than some small business CEO’s.


Take writing projects as a freelance writer
No matter the market or industry, entrepreneurs, brands and even big corporations all need content, and someone’s got to write that content. If you are naturally adept at writing, grammar and versatility in style, that content creator could be you. And by taking writing gigs as a freelancer, you can make your own schedule and typically work online anywhere in the world that your heart desires.




Assist other writers and brands as a proofreader

If you’d like to create revenue around the industry of content creation without necessarily doing all the writing, you can tap into another phase of the writing process as a proofreader. Many writers and publications need another set of eyes before hitting the “publish” button, which is why there is currently a significant demand for proofreaders, or even editors. You can work with an existing proofreading company, or virtually freelance this position as well, keeping your options and daily chosen work space open and ever shifting.