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6 Easy Ayurvedic Habits To Look Stunning 24/7


Everyone knows about Ayurveda these days and no wonder – this ancient holistic healing system from India has been doing wonders for people for thousands of years. We are talking about all levels of health from diet and exercise to skincare and various types of massage. Ayurveda focuses on a balanced approach that involves all spheres of your life. It is based on the notion that each human being has three types of energies (called doshas), which are present in different proportions, defining a person’s build, constitution, and even character. If you don’t want to go deep into the whole thing just yet, here are a few easy Ayurvedic habits that will help you look and feel great 24/7.

Take care of your digestion first

Ayurveda makes great emphasis on your digestive fire – the very force that keeps your digestion going. You might have noticed that certain foods are easy in your stomach, while others make dull and sluggish because too much energy is spent on digesting them. Different foods are good for different types of people, but there are general tips you can follow to help your body cope with whatever you eat. First of all, use warming spices like pepper, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. Fresh juices also help, especially those of lime and lemon. A mix of honey, ginger, and lime juice is a powerful digestion booster you can take bore the meal

6 Easy Ayurvedic Habits To Look Stunning 24/7 | Her Beauty

Drink lukewarm water

A refreshing drink of cold water may seem a good idea in a hot summer day, but it really does nothing good for your body and that digestive fire we were talking about earlier. This internal fire is also responsible for your metabolism, absorption of nutrients, and your body’s ability to flush out toxins. Cold water might feel refreshing, but it dims the digestive fire, making you feel dull and sluggish if you consume it in the middle of the meal. There’s a general rule that it’s better to drink water twenty minutes before or after the meal, not to mess with your digestive juices. Best to drink room temperature or lukewarm water as it is easy on your body and you can drink more of it, which is really important for your health and good looks.

Drink lukewarm water | Her Beauty

Change skincare routine with the seasons

According to Ayurveda human beings are deeply rooted in their environment and are influenced by the surroundings. Our metabolism and even the secretion of hormones is connected to the world outside. This means that our physiological processes change greatly as the seasons around us change from cold to warm, and back. All this reflects on your skin, which means your skincare routine needs to be adjusted every few months. During summers you need to moisturize your skin with ingredients like sandalwood, rose water, and aloe. Autumns are all about protecting your skin from both heat and cold, while winters demand some extra exfoliation.  The general rule is to drink as much water as you can and avoid taking hot showers that dry your skin.


Change skincare routine with the seasons | Her Beauty

Create a dry brushing and oil massage routine

Dry brushing is something you might be familiar with if you exfoliate your body’s skin on a regular basis. This is a truly magical procedure as it does two things: rejuvenates your skin and detoxes your lymphatic system. You blood flow also improves greatly. It’s important to use a dry brush made of organic material and follow the whole procedure with gentle oil self-massage. Both these practices are among the most ancient in Ayurveda and should be done at least once a week! Use citrus or cinnamon oil to boost blood circulation and patchouli to improve fluid retention. It will also help you relax both on physical and mental levels.

Change skincare routine with the seasons | Her Beauty

Practice yoga regularly

Yoga is an incredible practice that will balance your mind and body, bringing you to a quiet and peaceful place. It centres you within your own body, quiets your mind, and cleanses it from all the daily noise. And you get more fit while doing all that! Yoga asanas (poses) bring your focus from sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the fight-or-flight-response, to the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows your body to heal on the cellular level and your mind to get rid of stress and impurities you’ve gathered during the day/week/year.

Practice yoga regularly | Her Beauty

Eat warming foods

Although each constitution type has its own diet there are some foods that are generally good for you as they are easily digested and give you an energy boost. Such is the case with warming foods that are really easy on your stomach. They also keep you satiated for a longer period of time, which results in you eating less food as a whole. Smooth, oily, warm foods balance out excess dryness and improve digestion along with foods like avocado, whole milk, berries, coconut.