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6 Reasons You Should Smile Everyday


At least once in life, we’ve all heard friends, family, or even strangers, say, “You should smile more.” As annoying as that may feel to hear when you are not be in the brightest of moods, it is scientifically proven that smiling is actually good for us. From mood adjustment to physical changes, intentional smiling can really work wonders. So next time you are feeling down, don’t smile because some stranger tells you to – smile because it is one of the most effective and simple acts of self-care you can literally achieve at any moment. Here are 6 reminders of why you should smile every day.




Smiling can ward off a bad mood
When you are feeling blue, smiling can actually make you feel better. And no, it’s not all a trick of the mind – but it is all in your head. Smiling can spark the release of mood-lifting chemicals in your brain, like serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals make the whole body and mind feel happier.

Smiling reduces stress and anxiety
Several studies show that smiling can keep stress low and your heart rate down, even while doing stressful activities. Smiling lowers stress by triggering the release of neuropeptides, which works to communicate the happy chemicals serotonin and dopamine to the rest of the body.

A smile can boost your immune system
Displaying a smile more frequently can give your immune system a full enhancement. The same neurotransmitters released that make you feel happier can make your entire body function better. A more relaxed mind and mood gives your body the chance to strengthen the immune system, while simultaneously releasing more white blood cells. White blood cells protect the body from dangerous disease and foreign particles.

It takes more effort to frown than smile
Scientists have found that frowning requires the use of more muscles in the face than smiling, causing you to work even harder to be in a bad mood. Take a load off by smiling, and you are giving yourself an even deeper physiological break from stress and unhappiness.

Smiling makes us more attractive
It’s a well-known fact that smiling is contagious, and it is also said that it can actually make you look more attractive. As humans, we are naturally designed to be attracted to and trust people who smile more. We associate smiling people with positive energy and good intentions. And not to mention, studies have found that smiling can make you look younger and healthier. So while the smiling is making you biologically healthier and happier on the inside, it is also exuding that positivity and good energy on the outside too.

A smile is free, instant therapy
Not only will smiling helping you in all of these ways mentioned above, it’s also free. With all the mental benefits of intentional grinning, one could say smiling is a cost-free micro-therapy session. Now this one may be a rich, but could this save you even just a little bit of financial burden by skipping your next uber-expensive therapy session, by just cracking a smile?