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6 Tricks to Fight Depression That Actually Work



It can be really hard fighting feelings of depression, but all is not lost. No matter how severe your symptoms of depression get, there are remedies that actually make a difference. Medication is commonly used to treat depression, but you don’t always have to go this route. There are several mental exercises to utilize, which can aid in breaking psychological thinking patterns and mental slippery slopes into sadness. If you are looking for ways to lift your mood, read about these 6 tricks to fight depression that actually work.



Don’t focus on the worst-case scenario
This is a common way of thinking that may make us feel like we are being extra prepared for what life may through at us, but is not healthy to dwell on. Always obsessing about and preparing for the worst-case scenario will leave your head in a constantly negative space.



Cut yourself some slack and just breathe
You’re not meant to be perfect, but the anxiety that often comes along with depression can leave you feeling like you are doing everything wrong. It’s just not true. We all make mistakes, but that is the part of life that makes us human and relatable to one another. The next time you are really giving yourself a hard time or a small error or mistake, give yourself a break to breath and get through it.


Let go bad things in the past
We cannot change the past, as much as we think about it and will it to change. Dwelling on what has already happened is a serious and quick way to find yourself in a guilt-ridden, unhappy trance, not fully present for the now. Try to make peace with the things that didn’t go your way in the past, and look forward.




Embrace the unknown of the future
Not knowing how we will get through the month, week or even day can sometimes make you feel like there is no use in trying. But the very fact that we cannot totally control the future means that anything can happen, including positive developments in your life. There is hope and happiness to be found in the uncertainty of the future.


Do daily positive self affirmations
It can be hard to start changing the narrative in your head, but this is essential in fighting depression. Words become thoughts, and thoughts become things. So the things you think definitely have a direct impact on the outcome of your life. Instead of taking on the pressure of changing your inner narrative all at once, try to isolate a few positive affirmations to repeat to yourself daily in the mirror or while driving.



Take up a new hobby or fitness regimen
Often times, we are so focused on the things that we are sad about that they totally suffocate us from new experiences. Force your brain to think about other things by joining a fitness class or taking up a new hobby. This will also fill your psyche with new positive experiences, that can eventually begin to outweigh and outshine bad experiences or thoughts.