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6 Wellness Trends of 2019



The last few years have seen the advancement of health-conscious trends move from marginalized groups to the larger mainstream culture. Whether vegan foodies or carnivores, from hipster millennials to soccer moms, the larger population is taking greater interest in more humane produce, practices and products, and overall wellness-focused ways of life. Now more than ever, caring about your carbon foot print is no longer just a concern of extreme environmentalists, but a general concern of the masses. And as the companies, entrepreneurs, and social and health-conscious influencers continue to push the envelope of wellness innovation, here are 6 health trends that are sure to catch on exponentially in 2019.



CBD-based health products going more mainstream
CBD-oil products is no longer on the peripheral of health and consciousness – public opinion and major health companies are both leaning in favor of CBD and hemp oil as beneficial and profitable components of the current wellness craze. CBD and help oil-infused products can aid with anything from chronic pain and stress, to digestion and inflammation.




Focus on creating innovative agriculture systems
To answer the call of consistent environmental havoc wrecking on our ecosystems and natural resources, a new form of farming call regenerative agriculture is growing in popularity and execution. This farming technique involves basically returning nutrients back in to the earth to aide in absorbing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. The development of regenerative agriculture will be highly beneficial for years to come, as experts say a third of the world’s top soil is already gone, and is projected to potential disappear altogether by 2075.


Mental health becoming less stigmatized and moving to the cultural forefront

As conversations steer more towards owning mental health and wellness, the stigmas that have previously engulfed the subject are fading from mainstream cultural view. And with focus on mental health on the rise, more studies are revealing that common, everyday bad habits could be causing serious mental health issues. Behaviors like lack of sleep, financial stress, and poor gut health can are all major contributors. Workplace meditation, multi-generational travel, and sleep retreats are just a few of the innovative ideas gaining in popularity this year for mental wellness.




Brain health research advancing and public attention to this issue increasing

In the last several months, there has been a significant increase in brain health research. And people are actually paying attention. There is now a greater understanding of how different factors affect brain health, like pollution, technology consumption and even eating habits. Brain fog and Alzheimer’s disease are a few conditions that are result of diminished brain functionality. Focusing on how we treat our brains can lead to finding answers to soothe, or even reverse, these conditions.


Plant-based food growing more advanced
When you can go to your local restaurant and order a vegan burger that actually “bleeds,” you know that interest and innovative manufacturing techniques in plant-based foods is seeing real growth. Vegan meat alternatives are becoming more palatable to typical meat-eaters, with research showing people are now willing to try meat alternatives at least once.




Health-conscious brands surfacing in more mainstream stores
As interest and demand in health-centered brands increases, the supply of their products is increasing in mainstream grocery and drug stores. This not only makes these products more visible to the masses, but it will also decrease pricing of typically expensive brands – ensuring that more people have affordable access to healthier food and humanely manufactured commodities.