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8 Awesome Hen Party Ideas



A great hen party is just as important as the wedding itself! Okay, maybe not that important, but it is still one of those events that needs to be perfect – action-packed, but not overwhelming, touching, but not cheesy, sweet, but not too much. Hen party is a way for the bride to unwind before the main deed and reduce all those stress levels inspired by the upcoming wedding. So here’s a bunch of awesome hen party ideas that will definitely make the soon-to-be-bride extremely happy.



Spa weekend
Is there anything better than spending a weekend with your gals chilling in a luxurious spa hotel with all kinds of treatments and massages that will make you all prepped for the wedding? We don’t think so. It’s fun, healthy, and incredibly calming.


Head to a cooking class
If the bride is a foodie or simply enjoys cooking, then how about visiting a high-end cooking class where all of you can try preparing something fun and unusual? Opt for Asian cuisine to make the experience truly unforgettable.



Detective Quest
If the bride is into detective stories or you simply want all the girls to dress up and have as much fun as possible, then solving a murder mystery is definitely the thing for your hen party. One of the guests will become a ‘victim’ while the others will be trying to solve the puzzle. Just make sure the plot is exciting!


An adrenaline junkie weekend
If your girl likes action-packed activities, then head into the wild for a hiking experience with tents, evening barbecue, and sleeping in the nature. You can also plan activities like swimming in the lake or river, rock climbing, bathing in hot water springs, etc. It all depends on how far you want to go and what kind of experience you want to create.



Zen party
If you think that roaming in the wild isn’t really your bride’s cup of tea, then how about a peaceful yoga retreat somewhere remote? With healthy food, massage, some Ayurvedic herbs and whatnot. This will definitely rejuvenate her before the wedding!



Dance classes
Visiting dance classes is a great way to have fun together with your girls, while doing a healthy stress-reducing activity that makes you all cheerful and bouncy. It is also the perfect pastime for a big group of girls that know each other well. Prepare for a huge amount of laughs as you visit a hula hoop dance lesson, learn to dance along 90s hits or take a burlesque lesson.


Go on a trip
A short trip to a place she’s never been to (a castle, a beach, a nearby city) will definitely be the most memorable party out of all. It requires a bit more organization as you’ll have to inquire about a hotel to stay, a good restaurant to host all your gals, and how to get to the place of your destination safely. But it will all pay off when you see the bride’s face light up with excitement from going somewhere she’s never been.



Hit the karaoke club
Do it only if she likes to sing and you have a history of doing that together. A private karaoke session will send all you gals back to your teen years when you were imagining being one of the Spice Girls, singing with a brush in your hand. It can become the best experience ever!