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9 Body-Positive IG Accounts To Inspire & Empower Every Woman


Social media these days can be used to many different causes. In best case scenarios it can be used for entertainment, for gaining fame, for work, for connecting with friends and colleagues, in the worst case it can be used for stalking, bullying, shaming and spreading hate. But we like to be optimistic and believe that with each coming year everything is getting better and people are changing and becoming more accepting and using their power for good. So today let’s use our power to inspire and empower women everywhere. Here are 9 body positive Instagram accounts that you should follow for some feel good vibes.



1. Louise O’Reilly
Louise is a beautiful woman who will inspire you to love yourself and appreciate life. She’s a blogger, a presenter, a model and a body image activist. On her Instagram you’ll find glam and casual looks and also various style tips. This girl has a great sense of style and we’re loving it.



2. Thamarr
Thamarr shares everything in her Instagram account, her thoughts and opinion, her outfits, beauty and skincare tips, etc. But she’s not just a blogger, her main job is being a nurse and she talks about that too. How does she find time for everything? Well, you better follow her and find out.


3. Gabi
Gabi calls herself the OG fat girl. And she’s proud of it. She’s got her own swimsuit collection, lingerie collection and she’s a co-founder of a plus-size brand. Basically this girl is a self-made woman who loves her body and likes to enjoy life to the fullest and she’ll inspire you to do the same.


4. Ragini R
Ragini is a plus size fashion blogger with a love for vintage. She also describes herself as an occasional writer, domestic goddess and a DIY enthusiast. Ragini is very body positive and she’s also pregnant, so we’re hoping that soon she’ll share the details of life as a new mother too.




5. Tanesha Awasthi
Tanesha is the original girl with curves and she loves sharing her outfits, beauty and style tips, tidbits of mom life. She’s gorgeous, real and she’s been inspiring women to love their curves since 2011.


6. Jay Miranda
Jay Miranda is a California based blogger. She loves the color pink and her outfits often feature at least a touch of it. She’s a recent mother, a style inspiration, and loving her life.


7. Stephanie Yeboah
Stephanie is such an amazing woman. She’s a London based plus size style and lifestyle blogger, a freelance writer, a public speaker and a fat acceptance advocate. Everything she posts will make you want to applaud her.



8. Noelle Downing
Noelle is a New York city based blogger who loves to share her favorite things: outfits, home decor and her travels. She has a very unique style that will make you want to buy all of the things she wears. She’s also body positive so if you need some curvy girl fashion inspiration – definitely follow her.


9. Francesca Perks
Franceska Perks calls herself your local, wildly oversharing, mid-size fashion & lifestyle blogger and we couldn’t agree more. She’s all of those things and we can’t get enough of her. Her outfits are always awesome and she likes to get real in the captions too.