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9 Reasons Why Your Work Friends Are Actually Your Best Friends


Finding the best friends is not easy, but once you do, you wonder how lucky you are to have them. And it’s normal to want your co-workers be your best friends, after all you spend more time with them than, say, with your friends and family.



You’re around each other for the most part of the day and you get along pretty well. Even more than that – you have just as much fun during the breaks and those corporate events when you get to talk about something other than your job.



They’ve seen you break, put yourself together, and break again. Work has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people, with all those stressful deadlines and pressure from the boss. Your co-workers have seen you go through all that and they still like you!

They totally get your daily work struggles. You can tell your friends and family about all the annoyances you experience at work, but they simply wouldn’t relate to them as much as your co-workers would.

You have all those precious inside jokes no one else would understand. Whether it’s re-enacting the scene your boss made the other day or remember the crazy customer from a month before, these things just never get old.




They are actually interested in what else you do in life. Real work friends know whether you are in a relationship or not, what’s your favourite hobby, and that allergy you’ve been fighting off since you were a kid.

They know how hard you work, so they realize the importance of letting loose. In fact, they are real professionals when it comes to partying and, frankly speaking, they are the only people you can relax with.

You know their routine and they know yours: what type of coffee you drink and when you drink it, when is your lunch break and that time when you need to take a small nap on the sofa. And the more time you spend with each other, the more your routines match.



You share secrets. Much like in high school you have people you like, people you hate, maybe some you have a crush on, and friends you confide in when things go south.

They entertain-slash-distract you from work when you most need it. Whether it’s some witty article, a job-related joke, or something hilarious from BuzzFeed or Bored Panda, your co-workers are the ones who make the whole working process more fun or at least bearable.