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9 Signs You’re Addicted To Shopping



There’s nothing wrong with the occasional impulsive purchase or splurge at the department store. We all could use some retail therapy from time to time. Shopping for leisure or fun is typically healthy, but too much shopping can lead to some dangerous habits, and an unhealthy relationship with the concept of retail therapy. From impulsive purchases to spending way over your determined budget, there are many signs that you may be obsessed with shopping. If you are worried or unsure of your shopping habits, learn about these 9 signs you’re addicted to shopping.



You use shopping as your only stress reliever
With so many ways to relieve stress, retail therapy should not be your only resort to uplift your mood. If your go-to is shopping every time you have a bad day or experience, you may need to reevaluate your attachment to shopping.


You make impulsive purchases very frequently
Impulsive purchases are dangerous because you have essentially lost your self-control in this moment, and this is bad news in any situation. If this happens too frequently, your shopping habit is controlling you, instead of the other way around.



You often spend more than your budget allows
Excessive shopping should not be the reason you cannot pay an essential bill or get that needed oil change. If you shop so much that you are regularly overextending your budget, it’s time to reprioritize your spending.


Your mood negatively changes when you cannot shop
If you are addicted to shopping, you may experience mood swings when you cannot shop, either because you could be out of available cash or are otherwise occupied with life. Feeling upset, anxious or frustrated when you cannot get your hands on new stuff is definitely indicative of a shopping obsession.



You get upset when friends or family point out your shopping habits
Anytime you are overly sensitive and defensive to positive, constructive criticism from your loved ones in regards to your behavior, this is likely a sign that you are showing obsessive or unhealthy habits.



You purchase a lot of obsessive
There are definitely items at the checkout counter that may be tempting. But if you are always finding excuses to purchase things that you know deep down you don’t need, you may be a shopaholic.


You purchase the same thing over and over again
Many people addicted to shopping find themselves with several of the same objects, in different styles and brands: ten different blenders, 5 pairs of the exact same pants, 4 ironing boards, etc.


You never use anything you buy
If you have multiple items that are just sitting around collecting dust, that’s a good indication you are buying things you do not need. Products left unopened or with the tags still on are a sure sign that you shop way too much.



You get an adrenaline kick when you shop
We all love getting that new top, the perfect appliance, or new tech, so feeling happy about a smart, useful purchase is not uncommon. But if the initial act of buying – not even owning –
gives you a huge rush of adrenaline and excitement, you may be highly addicted to shopping.