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Creative Online Classes That Will Inspire You


Sometimes you find that you creativity is dwindling and needs to be kicked up a notch. To fuel that fire or even just to find a new hobby, embark on an online class. It’s from the comfort of your home and less awkward than attending that local pottery class for seniors. Here are the most innovative classes to boost your imagination and remind us that learning never stops.



1. Travel Photography
Capturing your memories when traveling is one of the best parts of going abroad. You can look back on it for decades to come, or even start a foundation for your new travel blog.




2. Painting
There’s something about painting that’s super relaxing – doing this in a beautiful, natural setting is just about the most inspiring thing you can do.

3. iPhone Video Editing
Video is the most popular format nowadays, and mastering it is an important skill.

4. Workflow, Time Management and Productivity for Creatives
Organization is a useful skill that many admire, but don’t have the toolbox to teach themselves the skills. Creatives have the tendency to get a little messy and forget systems, but this class will make you your most efficient and productive.

5. Introduction to Calligraphy
Have trouble with cursive? The art of calligraphy is a gorgeous and creative one that adds flair to any project, letter or decor.

6. Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success
Being good at IG isn’t just a social skill, it’s a professional one. Such class teaches you the ins and outs of photography with a smartphone so you can build your following.

7. Build a Successful Creative Blog
Ever wanted to start a blog, but didn’t know how? This class teaches you how to build your voice, and content while marketing it to the right audience with successful methods.