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Male Brain vs. Female Brain –15 Differences According to Science


Some people like to argue that men and women are equal, but we can’t deny that there are so many physiological differences, especially when it comes to a complex organ like the brain. Here are the ways in which the genders differ between the ears.
1. Men have heavier brains by about 10%, men’s brains weight 3 lb. on average while women weigh 2.75 lb. men have more white matter, while women have more grey matter, not related intelligence.
2. A man’s amygdala is larger than a woman’s – this part of the brain is associated with emotion and the memory of emotion.
3. A woman’s hippocampus is much bigger than a man’s – this is the part of the brain that is essential in memorization and learning.


4. Men and women use completely different parts of their brain to handle the same functions and tasks.
5. Women are more effective at multitasking and doing different flows at the same time, while men get more frustrated when they have to do multiple tasks at the same time. This is due to the amount of grey matter vs. white matter in the brain.

6. A woman’s brain is designed to remember all the details, while a man’s brain usually holds on more to the main points.
7. When lost in a new place, women recall information by remember reference points on the road, whereas men will recall the travelled distance and direction travelled.
8. Men think about sex more often than women. As if we didn’t know that before! The minds of men are often controlled by sex related thoughts, while for women, that frequency of thought is cut in half.


9. Women tend to be more talkative, with their pleasure center in the brain possibly being related to sociability. Women use as much as three times more words as their male counterparts on a daily basis.
10. Men and women perceive humor differently. While women enjoy the subtleties of humor and language used in a presentation, men focus on a positive, cheery outcome of a storyline.


11. Women perceive speech without heir intuition and emotion, while men tend to perceive speech with logic to interpret what they hear in a straightforward way. For this reason, women see hidden meanings and subtle hints more frequently than men do.
12. Hugs affect men and women differently – while hugging a man might reap positive results, it’s more likely to make a woman feel comfortable, with a 20 second hug improving her own self confidence and overall happiness.
13. Women have more advanced and developed organizational skills, for the most part, even though we know a few rather messy ladies in our own lives!


14. While women are better at multitasking, men absorb information more quickly than their female counterparts, so they can have a tendency to be more responsive.
15. As a woman’s brain and a man’s brain age alongside each other, the male brain shrinks much faster than the female brain, which is why women often stay sharp far into old age.